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Rockhampton Fire Service Installation

Posted on 20 June 2019
  Fire has provided source of warmth, protection, improvement in hunting and methods for cooking over the years. It has played a great role in the advancement of human lifestyle. But, if not controlled, can cause great loss and damage. To reduce the risk and hazards of fire, preventive measures should be seriously practiced. The best way to do this is by assessing potential triggers, installing smoke and fire alarms, suppression systems and other devices while implementing a f...
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FCF Mackay Fire Service Inspection Requirements

Posted on 19 June 2019
FCF Mackay Fire Service Inspection Requirements
Installation of fire protection equipment is required in commercial, industrial and public buildings to maintain the safety of people in the event of an emergency. The Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) is the regulatory authority for FCF Mackay fire service installations. They are responsible for the electrical, gas and plumbing safety and technical regulations in South Australia. They conduct inspections to ensure fire service installations comply with Australian Standards. The loca...
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Brisbane Fire Protection: Bushfire Awareness

Posted by FCF on 17 June 2019
  Bushfires are inevitable; a lightning strike, human negligence, accidents or arson can start this catastrophe. It is important for people living in rural, semi-rural or a country town to be aware if their area is on a fire-prone zone; the Shire council have maps that locate theses zones. The Shire is responsible in securing certain procedures are conducted and that the standards of fire preparedness in the local community is high. Some of these procedures include reducing fl...
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Best Fire Protection Company in Tasmania

Posted on 11 June 2019
In 2008, Jacob Foster launched Fraser Coast Fire - a fire protection company - amidst the impending 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Though this wasn't the best time to open a new business, the company flourished with the right pricing and quality services. By 2010, the company had expanded their services outside of the Wide Bay Region; this prompted a change in the business name to FCF Fire & Electrical.   Two years later, the company saw the opportunity to cater service...
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Mine Site: Fire Safety

Posted by FCF on 11 June 2019
  Australia is endowed with vast mine sites all across the country. Operating mine sites is extremely expensive, critical equipment are normally functions day in and day out under extreme conditions. Mining industry pose higher risks and hazards than others. To reduce the risks that comes with working in this industry, mine safety should be seriously considered at all times. Thus, operators are expected to invest in mining safety equipment to protect the workers and their producti...
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Sydney Fire Protection Products: Fire Extinguisher Safety Guidelines

Posted by FCF on 3 July 2019
Sydney Fire Protection Products: Fire Extinguisher Safety Guidelines
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Posted on 3 July 2019
Sydney Business Fire Safety Plan Guidelines

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Posted on 1 July 2019
Over the years, fires have devastatingly collected a lot of lives and caused millions worth of property damage. A ...
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