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Workplace Fire Training - online and onsite

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher is required by legislation every two years by all employees. FCF have created an online first response course to save you time and money. While complying with the latest standards across all states in which option you select, the FCF Team is here to assist if it's an online assistance or person to person training.

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VR Fire Training

Virtual World fire extinguisher training is a reality with FCF. Utilising the same systems as Military and Fire Authorities, your staff can now experience the exciting memory retention world of Fire Extinguisher First Response Training.

FCF has the ability to build your current working environment into a real life risk scenario that will enable staff to choose a fire extinguisher in their work environment and correctly extinguish a fire.

With added benefits of informing the user when the fire suppressant has run out, fume inhalation and more. Fire Extinguisher training in the VR World brings skill levels higher than ever.

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First Response

Offering this training traditionally in person with groups or online with interactive scenarios. FCF allows our clients to make the choice of which method of delivering this training better suits your businesses requirements. Our First Response training covers scenarios and the operation of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels and Fire Blankets in emergency situations.

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Traditional Workplace Training

Having a physical feel, touch and use of a real fire extinguisher are beneficial for personnel as the different sounds, weights and operation helps to remain in the memory. Giving the student first-hand experience with the equipment and going through the motions of a first response scenario.

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Online First Response Training

Listening to our customer's needs is how the development of an interactive online first response training platform came about.

Clients didn't like the:

  • Staff management of everyone being available at one time
  • Cost, not only of the course but employees time during the hour-long session
  • Certificate management

With this feedback, FCF adjusted the delivery method of First Response training to suit the needs of our clients. With all State and Australian legislation requirements covered, it's time to look at why so many clients are now choosing to use the FCF First Response Online Training system.

Fire Warden Training

Fire Warden Training is a vital part of ensuring your organisation is prepared in case of an emergency. It is essential because the warden learns how to respond in an emergency.

They also learn how to implement or improve existing emergency procedures and how to lead evacuations and fire drills safely.

This type of training isa specific course designed to teach an individual how to act and respond as per their duties as a Fire Warden. Some of the duties include assisting in creating or enhancing current evacuation procedures in the workplace, preventing fire emergencies by monitoring risk factors, raising awareness of any potential fire hazards in the workplace, teaching staff members appropriate behaviour during an emergency and executing fire and other emergency drills.

A Fire Warden is also responsible for teaching staff members about various emergency situations, ensuring all workers are accounted for during an emergency event and assisting any staff members during an evacuation if necessary.

Training consists of learning about any regulatory or legislative requirements to be a Fire Warden and what the Australian Standard 3745-2010 requirements entail. A Fire Warden will also learn how to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency, how to investigate any alarms or fires, how to properly execute an evacuation to ensure maximum safety of all business personnel as well as bomb threat procedures. Additional training includes how to be correctly identified as a Fire Warden, building fire safety, the various types of evacuations that may be necessary depending on the emergency, learning the role and responsibilities of a Fire Warden, learning various alarm and communication systems, how to develop or improve existing evacuation plans, how to coordinate with other emergency personnel during an unfortunate event and post-emergency procedures.

An organisation should appoint an appropriate number of wardens depending on how big the facility is and how high of a risk there is for an emergency to occur. The higher the risk, the more wardens should be appointed.

Fire Warden training is essential for ensuring the safety and health of all staff members and meets the conditions to be in compliance with the Australian Standard 3745-2010 requirements.

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