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Annual Fire Safety Statement

Annual Fire Safety Statement - AFSS

FCF conduct Annual Fire Safety Statements to all New South Wales. Our expertise ranges from servicing, maintenance, installation, repairs, council fire order upgrades and certification. With years of experience in the fire industry, FCF offer top quality services that comply with Australian standards and building codes. FCF are consistently exceeding expectations within the safety industry.

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What Is The Certification?

The Annual Fire Safety Statement certification (otherwise known as AFSS), is a statutory requirement required by councils, NSW Fire and Rescue (NSWFR) and insurance providers. FCF have complied with the legislative changes to the government reforms to the fire protection industry and are fully FPAS accredited as per the Fire Protection Association Australia.
There are many cases where AFSS are required, many include WHS compliance. Once the annual fire safety statement certification is completed, you are required to:

  • Submit the certification to the local council for their records.
  • Send the certification to NSWFR for file.
  • Have the certification installed near the front entrance of the building or premises for council and NSWFR service inspections.
  • Upon request send a statement to WH&S and insurance suppliers to confirm AFSS compliance.
Failing to comply with regulations or to submit the certification to councils on time can result in heavy fines issued by local councils, restrictions of use for the premises and the issue of fire orders.

What Does AFSS Certify?

Having an annual fire safety statement will certify that:
  • Each essential fire safety measure in the building was found to be in working condition in case of a fire
  • Each essential fire safety measure in the building has been assessed by a competent fire safety practitioner (CFSP)
  • The "Fire & Essential Services" are still compliant with the installation designs and have been correctly tested and maintained as per AS1851, confirming that they operate to the applicable Australian standards and Environmental Planning and Assessment Act requirements.

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Why Choose FCF For AFSS

AFSS can only be provided by FPAS accredited fire service companies to which FCF is FPA accredited. FCF have the experience and capability to ensure all required testing and compliance is met. Throughout the 12-month period, FCF will maintain all essential fire safety equipment to provide certification for submission on completion as per the council fire schedule and due by dates.

The owner of a building having a fire safety schedule is required to provide a copy of the fire safety statement to both the local Council and the Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW)

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