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Why Are FCF Different?

Compliance Contract

Be workplace fire compliant 24/7. AS 1851 revolves around five-year cycles. FCF have created a compliance program by assessing your site requirements and assets. The Compliance Contract is a map of the next five years for testing, replacements and 5/10/25 year overhauls on fire equipment. The benefits are:

  • compliance 24/7
  • no out of date extinguishers
  • services are not hidden
  • knowledge of costs
  • better budgeting which can be broken down into monthly payments
  • less staff time raising purchase orders

Detector Cleaning

False alarms are generally due to dust particles blowing around inside a detector or insects that have made their way past the fine gauze into the chamber area. Both issues are able to be rectified with an FCF Cleaning Program. Options can include a full once a year clean or the building broken into twelve monthly areas that are on a continuous cycle. Completing the cleaning via the manufacturer's recommendations of the detector plus adding in some extra steps, allows FCF clients to enjoy fewer false alarms and less customer dissatisfaction.

SMS When Alarm is Activated on Fire Panel or Fire Pump

Majority of Fire Pumps and more than half of Fire Detection Systems, don't notify anyone off-site. Even if the system is connected to the fire brigade, wouldn't it be nice to know that your fire system has been activated? Some systems like school Fire Pumps, for example, don't have any personnel on their premise at night or during the weekend.

Reduce the time a system is in operation when not required. Having an FCF Connect means you're notified, a Fire Technician is notified (optional), you save on maintenance costs and fuel for pump systems and avoid an annoying fire bell or warning system running for neighbours on a false alarm.

Smoke Alarm Smart Switch

When residential or commercial Smoke Alarms are activated, an audio sound is emitted, if no one is at the property to investigate the activated alarm, the potential fire continues.

The Smoke Alarm Smart Switch monitors the Smoke Alarm (Photo Electric or Iodisation), Heat Detector or Carbon Monoxide activity, via a standard interconnect cable or wireless communication.

After 60 seconds of alarming, your Smoke Alarm, Carbon Dioxide or Heat Detector Alarm will trip the Smoke Alarm Smart Switch and turn off what accounts for 40% of house fires - electricity! (NSW Fire and Rescue).

The Smoke Alarm Smart Switch transforms your standard Smoke Alarms into a 24/7 monitoring system with minimal expense to the end user as it utilises existing Smoke Alarms.

We highly recommend Smart Switches from 2Link Innovations there products range from software to hardware, developed with the experience and insight of hands on installers, design teams and management executives. Go to 2Link Innovations website here 2linkinnovations.com.au

Smoke Alarm Safety Switch | FCF Fire & Electrical

5 Year Exit Light Warranty

Over time, the market has changed to supplying cheaper emergency exit lights to the consumer, however, the cheaper lights don't go the distance. FCF has searched high and low for an Australian company that shares the same vision for supplying 'longer-lasting exit lights'. FCF has partnered with a supplier for an exclusive deal for FCF clients that sees exit lights with a mind-blowing 5 year warranty (compared to other brands with supplying only up to 2 years warranty).

As a service provider, FCF is always mindful of providing our clients with the best options for the service life of a product and cost.

One Stop Shop Provider | FCF Fire & Electrical

One Stop Shop Provider

The goal of FCF is to be a one-stop shop provider. Being able to go to one company and have multiple services completed makes everyone's life easier in your business. Not only do we provide the services required for Fire, Safety, and Electrical but also look at how we can improve the service for our client. Sometimes the simple things save money e.g. painting and removing rust from a cabinet extends the life for another 5 to 10 years. Others may say 'it's not our job' however, service is our number one priority and extending the life of your assets is everyone's job. 

We aren't your typical provider.

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