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Sydney Business Fire Safety Plan Guidelines

Posted on 3 July 2019
Sydney Business Fire Safety Plan Guidelines
Business owners are obliged and responsible to maintain t...
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Fire Protection Maryborough: Updating Fire Protection Plan fire protection Maryborough

Posted on 1 July 2019
Over the years, fires have devastatingly collected a lot of lives and caused millions worth of property damage. A poorly developed fire protection plan is one of the main culprits of this destruction. We hope, pray and do everything we could to prevent fire from arising. We tend to focus more on preventing fires and forget to prepare ourselves for when an emergency does occur. Have you thought about your fire protection plan lately? When was the last time you updated them? This blog for fi...
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Fire Safety Bundaberg: Should Fire Extinguishers be Refilled or Replaced

Posted on 1 July 2019
Fire extinguisher is one of the most commonly seen fire protection equipment, even houses and cars have this portable fire equipment. They are the most accessible equipment to exhaust fire before it becomes out of control. Fire extinguishers can either be disposable or rechargeable; however, there are instances that even the rechargeable ones need replacement. This blog for Fire Safety Bundaberg will discuss more about refilling and replacing fire extinguishers.
If your ...

Fire Protection Bundaberg: Prepare your Employees for a Fire Emergency

Posted by FCF on 1 July 2019
Fire Protection Bundaberg: Prepare your Employees for a Fire Emergency
    Although there are ways to prevent fires from happening, they remain unpredictable and can happen any time of the day. When designing a fire safety management plan for your business, always consider the worst case scenario. Your employees, customers and including yourself could be forced to evacuate at a limited time. To maintain the safety of the people under your care, here are a few tips for preparing your employees for an emergency and maintaining the fire protect...
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Fire Protection Widebay: The Basics of Fire Protection Systems of Buildings

Posted on 28 June 2019
A fire protection system is a key component of a building's safety plan, regardless of the type of occupancy of a building, be it a commercial facility, hospital, restaurant, educational facility or residential. The lives of the occupants as well as the assets in the building are put to great risks without a fire protection system. Therefore, fire protection widebay should not be neglected or taken for granted.
There are basically two types of fire protection systems...
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Corrimal High School Fire: School Fire Prevention

Posted on 16 July 2019
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