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FCF Community and Sponsors
FCF Community and Sponsors

FCF National are a proud sponsor of The Childrens Hospital Foundation.

The Children's Hospital Foundation helps sick and injured kids by funding life-saving medical research, investing in vital new equipment, and providing support and entertainment for children and their families.

We are committed to making a difference in the fight against childhood illness and injury so every child can grow up as happy and healthy as possible.

The exceptional teams of research and clinical professionals from Children's Health Queensland and the Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute, have recently identified many new projects that will be crucial in transforming patient care, family support and medical research for children. Even with record government spending on children's health, there are new research projects, expanded patient care programs and more family support initiatives that can be activated with community support.

Ever since the Foundation opened in 1986, the generous support of donors and sponsors and the remarkably devoted doctors, nurses, researchers, staff and volunteers, have been able to 'work wonders' for the brave children and courageous families that needed the best healthcare available.



FCF National are a proud sponsor of The Childrens Hospital Foundation.

FCF National supports Jeremiah House.

The main objective For Jeremiah House is to Emergency House, Support and provide services for Fathers with Children in their care who are experiencing Family Domestic Violence in an Emergency Crisis situation and at times Homelessness.

Jeremiah House will be a Men Refuge. The first of its kind in Australia. We will take in these Fathers with children in an emergency crisis situation. The same as Woman Refuges in Australia..


83c of each dollar Jeremiah House receives goes straight to our accommodation contract - providing short term emergency shelter, food, clothing and counselling for fathers and children in need. 17c is set aside for the set up costs and other overhead expenses



FCF National supports Jeremiah House.

FCF Fire & Electrical Support Local Sport Jr Teams around our FCF Locations. If you want to help out your community, See how sponsoring in your area can help your business & the team!

Sports sponsorship isn't just a game for large businesses. Many smart small businesses invest in sponsoring local community sporting clubs. Some consider their sponsorship a charitable contribution and others, a form of advertising. Either way, it's a mutual relationship that pays off for the sponsor and the club.

Some of the benefits are outlined below.

- A welcomed form of advertising. In most settings consumers are inclined to tune out advertising. Although many traditional ways of reaching consumers are failing, kids sports sponsorships are a positive and engaging way to market a brand. Parents like to see the companies that are supporting local clubs.
- Help keep the cost of kids sports programs down. Player participation fees cover the majority of the costs of a kids sports program but support from sponsors provides additional resources which can help keep participation fees down. With manageable fees, more families are able to afford to sign up and that means more children being able to receive the many benefits of sports.
- Build goodwill. Companies that sponsor kids sports programs make a positive contribution to their community. Overall this can evoke a community wide feeling that a company understands the impact and importance of sports for their children. This feeling can instill loyalty among a business' current and future customers.


Research Local Teams In Your Area !

FCF Fire & Electrical Support Local Sport Jr Teams around our FCF Locations

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