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First Aid Kits and Servicing

Every home and business should have a basic First Aid Kit for the small splinters to a bigger emergency. FCF First Aid Kits are available in different layouts for your needs. Supply and inspect to ensure you remain compliant with the ever-changing workplace health and safety regulations; FCF is the first-choice provider.

Call FCF for your First Aid Kit needs.

Eyewash & Safety Showers

Usually left alone and untouched until a real incident occurs and in a time of need is not the time to wonder does this work. Having a qualified FCF technician on site performing maintenance is a no brainer to ask for them to test the eye wash station or safety showers. Using the test equipment to ensure no further damage is done while a person is intendant to use the equipment is vital to a quick recovery. FCF Technicians have located issues such as no water at the emergency station, dirty water at eye wash nozzles, step plates that break and don't activate. Over the years FCF Technicians have seen many situations when an emergency station fails and leaving site knowing that the equipment is in 100% order is a great feeling.

Contact FCF for all your Eye Wash & Safety Shower requirements.

Egress Checks

The Building Code of Australia stipulates the requirements for personnel to exit a building. After normal operating of a business, at times exit paths can become blocked or items placed in the egress path that could cause injury.

FCF perform egress checks alongside regular testing of assets to minimize the labour costs of inspecting egress paths.

See today how FCF can further assist your business.

Emergency Diagrams/Plans

When a building is required to have emergency diagrams such as being over 300m2 or greater several factors must be taken into place before just doing a diagram.

One key factor that is over looked and often the issue with getting the diagrams correct and to legislation is the building orientation. When placing a You Are Here with an arrow showing the location of the position the building must be orientated to that particular wall. Following this requirement means that in many situations a building with 4 drawings can require 4 separate diagrams as each requires different orientation.

Another key point in where do I place a AA or Assembly Area on the diagram?

Several key factors need to be considered. Across a road or drive way places evacuating people in the path of distracted drivers as they look at the burning building. Near a fire booster cabinet is neither an ideal position as the fire brigade will park their appliance and set up to fight the fire.

Call FCF to ensure one of our fire safety advisors designs your Fire Diagrams correctly.

Business Fire Safety Plan

Business owners must ensure they are fire safe and follow all of the mandated minimums at least for fire safety in their office, warehouse, or storefront. Fire Safety in Australia is essential for ensuring the safety and health of their employees and customers and can mean the difference between a fire killing people and everyone being able to escape unharmed if there is a fire in the building. Taking the time to read through a checklist of what business owners need to have can enable a business owner to be sure they're following Fire Safety in Business practices and ensuring the safety of everyone in the building.

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