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Fire Protection Services

Ensuring your premises complies to the Australian Standards and State legislation.

Affordable Fire Protection Services

FCF Fire Technicians aren't trained to sell equipment, our technicians are trained to ensure the minimum standard of your premise is met legally. Additional equipment is at your discretion if you require extra fire safety equipment. As standard practice, FCF conducts monthly study groups around maintenance, installation and servicing allow our technicians to have the knowledge from a legislation level, down to the correct tag to have on your extinguisher.

Focusing on upskilling our friendly technicians means that the advice you receive from FCF isn't guess work, its learned within a culture like no other. Good People - Family - Honest Work Ethic - Willing to be the best - are the first steps to being an FCF Team Member.

FCF Fire & Electrical | Affordable Fire Protection Services

Protecting Your Most Important Assets From Fire Australia Wide

When it comes to protecting your family, staff, customers and property from fire, FCF has the right advice, products and services.

We service domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Australia, offering a complete fire protection service, including:
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Servicing
  • Maintenance

FCF will carry out a fire safety assessment of your home, office or industrial premises. We will tell you what equipment is:

Q: Required by Law
Q: Suited to Your Needs
Q: Correctly Located
Q: Fire Detection System & Occupant Warning System
Q: Smoke Alarms
Q: Fire Extinguishers
Q: Business Fire Safety Plan
Q: Have a Means of Escape and Clear Evacuation Route
Q: Be Sure to Follow Occupancy Limits for Buildings
Q: Maintain all Fire Safety Products Appropriately
Q: Be Sure There is an Evacuation Plan in Place
Q: Prepare and Implement Fire Safety Management Plans
Q: Fire Diagrams
Q: Portable and Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
Q: Fire Hose Reels
Q: Fire Blankets
Q: Exit and Emergency Lighting
Q: Egress Checks
Q: Fire Penetrations
Q: Fire Doors
Q: Fire Water Storage Tanks
Q: Fire Sprinklers
Q: Fire Pump Sets
Q: Fire Hydrants

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