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FCF Fire & Electrical help Aussie businesses and homes stay safe by supplying and maintaining fire protection equipment for homes, offices, mine sites, apartments, resorts and remote services.

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FCF Fire and Electrical Specialises in Commercial and Residential Fire Protection and Electrical services. As Fire Protection Association Australia members, we can assist you with:

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Supply Installation and Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment

Australian businesses are required by law to maintain a level of fire safety in the workplace. Regulations such as AS1851 outline the types of equipment that should be installed. It is important to follow these guidelines to ensure your business is 100% fire safety compliant. The types of fire protection equipment required will vary from business to business. We know the correct equipment for your business operations. Some of the basic types of fire protection equipment we specialise in are:


Fire Extinguishers

There are 6 main different types of fire extinguishers that can be installed in your business. We know the right type for your business as well as the quantity and location these extinguishers need to placed. We also know the correct signage to display according to the Australian Standards. When it comes to fire safety, your business can’t afford to get it wrong. Protect your staff and customers and ensure you are 100% Fire Safety Compliant.


Emergency Exit Signs

Australian businesses are required to have emergency exit signsinstalled. This is to help staff and personnel safely exit in the case of a fire emergency. Australian Standards determine where Emergency lights should be placed within a building. We know where and how many emergency exit lights need to be installed in your building. These lights also need to be serviced and maintained periodically.


Fire Blankets

Another piece of common fire protection equipment is a fire blanket. These are particularly handy for putting out fires associated with cooking fat and oils. For this reason they should be installed in any commercial kitchen. They are used to extinguish small fires. They don’t cause the same amount of mess and damage that a fire extinguisher can often cause.


Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are proven life savers. They should be installed in places of commercial accomodation. Hotels, motels, hostels and boarding schools are all required to have working smoke detectors installed. When not properly maintained, smoke detectors can malfunction or cause false alarms. Its essential and in many cases a legal obligation for businesses to ensure their smoke alarms are working periodically.

Fire Alarm Panels

Smoke detectors are also part of Fire Control Panels or Fire Alarm Panels. These systems are an integral part of a building’s fire safety. They are used to detect and respond to fire using a pre determined response action. Larger office buildings and hotels must have their fire alarm panel regularly tested. We can assist with the supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Alarm Panels nation wide.

Other Protection Components

As well as the above fire safety equipment, we can also supply, install or maintain other components to a buildings fire safety. This includes fire hydrants, fire hose reels, and eye wash stations. We can also devise an emergency evacuation procedure. This is vital for all public buildings and workplaces to have. We can also train your staff on the emergency procedures and instruct them on how to use fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers.

Fire Equipment Maintenance

Once Fire Equipment is installed in your business it must be maintained to ensure it is fully operational. Different states have different standards when it comes to fire equipment maintenance. Regardless of the standard, it is smart to have your fire protection equipment maintained on a periodic basis. This includes the electrical test and tagging of all electrical equipment. Detecting a fault in advance can prevent damage to expensive equipment. It can also prevent injury and fire.

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FCF National Supply and install a range of ABE Fire Exginguishers and Fire Safety Equipment.
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