Fire Door Regulations in Bundaberg

Fires quickly spread and can do significant amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Quite a few regulations are put in place to ensure the safety of employees and customers if a fire occurs in a business. One important piece of safety equipment that is a Fire Door. These doors are created to help slow or prevent the spread of a fire to ensure employees and customers can get to safety if there is a fire in the building. The amount of time in which the fire door can slow the spread of fire has saved many lives, but it’s important for business owners to understand how to operate and maintain fire doors to ensure they work properly.

What is a Fire Door?

A fire door is a door that has been designed and tested to resist the spread of a fire. The door should remain closed at all times to ensure it will be closed and able to reduce the spread of a fire if one does occur in the building. A door needs to be tested to ensure it does qualify as a fire door and will work to slow the spread of a fire before it is sold as a fire door and installed in a building.


How Can a Fire Door be Installed?

If the building doesn’t already have fire doors in place or the doors need to be replaced, the business owner should look into Fire Door Installation as quickly as possible. The installation must be done by a qualified professional who is licensed to handle the installation and in accordance with the door manufacturer’s guidelines. The door must be installed using only the parts available from the manufacturer and needs to be installed properly to ensure they work correctly. The doors must be able to close on their own and cannot be blocked open or shut in any way.

Does a Fire Door Need to be Maintained?

Fire doors must be properly maintained after the fire door Installation. They should be inspected on a regular basis. This could vary between three months and 12 months depending on the location of the building and the type of building. They must be inspected by a qualified professional who will ensure they are operating correctly and can open and close with ease. If there is any part of the door that is not working properly, it must be replaced with parts from the manufacturer. The door cannot be changed and adjusted to use components that are not tested and approved for use with the fire door.

Does the Door Need to Be Open or Closed?

In most cases, the fire doors must be kept closed at all times. They cannot be propped open or prevented from closing fully as this will eliminate their ability to help slow the spread of a fire. In instances where the door will need to be propped open, the door must be equipped with a device that automatically closes the door if a fire is detected. It should close whenever a smoke detector or other fire alarm goes off.

It has been proven that fire doors in Bundaberg can help save lives and help protect the building if a fire breaks out. These doors can help slow the spread of a fire long enough for everyone to get out of the building safely. In order to do this, they need to be properly installed, maintained, and used.

The information provided in this article is of a general nature and may not be applicable to your specific situation. We recommend you seek professional advice when it comes to Fire Safety and Fire Doors. Contact us today as we can help you fully comply to fire safety regulations.