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Prepare and Implement Fire Safety Management Plans

Posted by FCF on 28 May 2019

Fire Safety Management Plan specifies the arrangement to implement, control, monitor and review fire safety standards and to ensure that these are properly maintained. Fire Safety Plans define the effective management and procedures to prevent fire from arising, and protect the property and its occupier when a fire does happen.


To prepare and implement fire safety management plans, planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the fire safety measures and provisions in the establishment must be specified.


The person responsible for the establishment such as the building owner or manager should plan an approach in completing the fire safety risk assessment and determining the priorities to eliminate all hazards and reduce the risks of injuries. One way to do this is to maintain a systematic way of dealing with the risk assessment. Part of planning is also selecting the proper risk control measures. Furthermore, a competent planning involves establishing performance standards, and implementing preventive and protective measures.


The structure of the organization should be specified and concerns the following:

  •     Process of communication in updating occupants/employees of health and safety information
  •     Involvement of occupants/employees in adhering with all phases of the fire safety risk assessment
  •     Efficient communication system between appointed persons and occupants/employees
  •     Information, instruction and training should be adequate and well delivered to ensure competence of the organization
  •     Fire Safety Risk Assessment
  •     Emergency/Evacuation Plan
  •     Detailed fire drills and practices
  •     Housekeeping and fire prevention measures
  •     Arson Prevention
  •     Maintenance
  •     Fire doors/protected areas details


Appoint persons who can be given the responsibility to carry out the fire safety issues throughout the building. To establish control measures, building owners/managers must clarify health, safety and fire safety responsibilities and ensure that those with responsibilities understand their roles and duties as appointed persons. Specific and measurable standards to judge performance must be defined. Sufficient supervision should be guaranteed.


Determine the process of the appointed persons in measuring the success of the fire safety policy. This involves regular inspections of fire prevention, analysis of the causes of incidents and documenting the relevant information. It is important to have a plan and schedule routine inspections to secure systems are in place and maintained properly. All accidents should be investigated to make sure lessons are learned and procedures are improved if needed. These monitoring activities and processes must also be recorded so it can be used in further analyses.


A review procedure must be defined so that deficiencies in the fire safety management and processes can be determined and improved appropriately. Methods are established to ensure that rectifications are properly implemented. Set up a system to ensure that corrective actions that are not yet completed are prioritised and completed. The management systems are reviewed to guarantee that they are effective.

Fire Emergency Plan

An emergency plan that deals with fire situation is an essential component of fire safety management. This ensures that the occupants of the building are informed about the procedures of the evacuation in the event of fire. It is a good practice to have a record of the details of the emergency plan even if this is not required.

Clear and relevant information as well as appropriate instructions on how to prevent fires and the proper response in case a fire does occur should be disseminated among occupiers.

The fire emergency plan is based on the result of the fire risk assessment; it should be made available to the occupants, appointed persons as well as the enforcing authority.

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