Ensuring the Safety of Your Business with Gold Coast Fire Indicator Panels

Fire is the one threat that every public or private building ought to have protection for and preventative measures against. It is a universal problem that everyone can understand the importance of being prepared for. Knowing the full range of fire prevention equipment available is important to making an accurate assessment for any business or residence. Understanding the protections that various pieces of equipment offer is important for getting the right fire safety tools. Having fire safety measures in place will not help at all though, if one does not know how to maintain such products over a long period of time. Having a comprehensive understanding of what tools are necessary, how best to utilize them, and how to care for them is the best way to get the right protection.

Fire Indicator Panels – What do They Do?

Gold Coast Fire Indicator Panels are one of the most effective fire prevention tools available to business to date. Capable of operating an entire building’s smoke alarm systems, alerting the fire department in case of an emergency, and operating other systems used to prevent the growth of a fire, these panels are an invaluable asset when used properly. A fire indicator panel can be set up to alert the entire building of a fire. Above are just a few examples of the benefits of an indicator panel.

Do You Need a Fire Indicator Panel for Your Building?

So how can a business know if they really need a panel for their building? Well there are a few different recommendations made based on the size of the property. Fire Indicator Panels in Gold Coast are mandatory for buildings that are greater than two floors tall. The reasoning here is that the panel allows monitoring of all smoke alarm systems, making it easy to warn everyone in the building at the same time. Buildings with total floor plan space in excess of 2000 sq. meters are also required to have panels for the same reasoning. For such large properties maintenance of the system is highly important.

Maintenance standards on all smoke alarm systems and fire indicator panels have pretty standard rules that are easy to follow. A month by month test of the fire panel is required to ensure that the evacuation panel and tones. A yearly examination of fire detectors and additional equipment is necessary to maintain the system in operating condition. Any findings that the inspectors make will be recorded in a log book for reference and services. Typically these maintenance checks are done as conveniently and quietly as possible so as not to disturb regular business functions.

Meeting fire safety standards is a part of what keeps a business functioning, though. So it is important to know that these service providers can also provide a full assessment of a property for new business owners. Contact FCF Fire & Electrical today. We are a Fire Indicator Panel Servicing company and can help with the installation and servicing of Fire Indicator Panels. Whether the property is new or old, these experts can determine if the site is up to date with Australian standards or not.