The Story of FCF Fire & Electrical

The Story of FCF Fire & Electrical

This Month we are celebrating the international recognition of FCF Fire and Electrical by the International Franchise Association. FCF is a Fire Safety Company committed to great customer service and competitive pricing.

We have uploaded a number of videos which explain what FCF Fire and Electrical is all about. Below are three of these videos that explain the journey of FCF Fire and Electrical as told by managing director Jacob Foster.

About the FCF Fire Safety Company

About FCF Fire and Electrical – Transcript

Number of speakers: 1 (Jacob Foster – J. F.)

Duration: 2 min 25 sec

J. F.: FCF Fire and Electrical started in 2008, we started two weeks prior to the global financial crisis. Having a young family and starting a business at that time wasn’t the ideal time, especially when you see on the news two weeks later that, you know, the GFC was coming and the doom and gloom was expected to follow. Through hard work, we were able to utilize our services. And being an electrician by trade and also in the fire industry, I could see that the fire industry and the safety requirements behind that, that we would, we could be successful, because it’s repetitive work. And we can foresee upcoming work a year out or two years out.

So, some of those services were fire extinguisher maintenance, electrical test and tag and fire panels as well. From there, the fire industry is quite large compared to the electrical industry, where the clients are very one-off clients and you mightn’t see them for two to three years. Whereas fire is, you’re guaranteed at least to see your customers twice a year, if not minimum 12 times a year. We were having quite a fair bit of success with this model and we were able to move up and down the coast with clients wanting our services. We tried to branch fairly close to home in Bundaberg, we tried that for a year and even though we had good managers, what we found was that the customers-, they really weren’t being looked after to what we expected. One of the other options to running a branch was franchising. With franchising they are in an operated cares about the customers, they-, the francisees can have a successful business and everybody’s a winner.

About the FCF Fire Safety Company

What Makes FCF Fire and Electrical So Great

J. F.: The business model we built, our business around was repeat work. Being an electrician, the randomness of jobs, not saying, look, doing a job for a client, they’re really happy with the job, they’ll use you for their upcoming work, but it might be 3 years time before we actually see that client again. Knowing that with the fire industry that the standards are built on continual inspections, so being able to check a fire extinguisher twice a year or service a fire panel every single month is great for a business model, knowing that you’re going to be seeing those clients to keep them complying. We’ve-, most clients are pre-booked, so once you win a client and not all clients will sign up the contracts, but the clients also will still use you, because of your service. Having a scheduled system, so being able to know that each month I know how much work I’ve got coming up, I know how much work I can take on and I also can look six months in advance and know where my weakest spots are or where I’m able to have months that I’m flat tagged and I can’t take on any other work. This is really great for cash flow, so being able to have a predetermined knowledge that next month’s going to be a big month for us, the month after will be a big month, but one of the guys has spare time, we can work on that to ensure that our cash flow is consistent month in, month out.

Another great thing about the business is that there’s no rain days. So being an electrician up in north Queensland, working in the construction industry, where you’ll have a week of downpour, then another half a week off waiting for the ground to dry, it doesn’t make great sense that the guys aren’t able to be productive during that time. With the FCF model, we’re able to send guys to different jobs, so they’re able to do inside jobs and move the schedule around to suit the weather and if you have to. The best thing about the business is that it’s solid, it’s predictable and the business will grow year on year. Then, looking back, we still have our first client that ever signed up with FCF and knowing that that client has been with us and we’ve serviced them twice a year, every year for the 7 years that we’ve been going is great for cash flow.

About the FCF Fire Safety Company

What Training is Involved to Become a FCF Fire and Electrical Franchisee? – Transcript

J. F.: So, we start with field training, so the basics of how to actually do the work. Doing-, looking at the Australian standards, it can be quite complex, but when you’re field training with technical people that have been doing the training for a few years, it makes it a lot easier to understand how the Australian standards work, and what you actually need to do. We also do a system operation, so we run a unique system that’s customized to FCF, it takes you from quoting to invoicing, progress of jobs, to the field techs actually using the tablets out in the field, and then going through to complete invoicing of the job. We also give you business tools, so tools to help you succeed with your business. Marketing, so local area marketing is very important. The fire industry is a very hard industry to advertise in, and local area marketing is one of the best tools that you can be provided with. Sales, when-, just so with sales, to give you a quick overview is when I first started, I wasn’t very confident with sales at all, I’ve never done it in my life and I was quite scared the first couple of times I went out. It’s one of those things that you build confidence with it and by the time you leave FCF we have you-, you’re confident, we do role plays and we actually take you out in the field and do live training. So, by the time you get back home, it’s very, very easy to be able to walk in and basically push the product across. The process is about a 2 and a half week process and it can be a pretty full on 2 and a half weeks as there’s a lot to learn. After the training is actually finished, we don’t just drop and leave you, you are able to actually call up, we have technical support, we have field support for different issues, for sales and we also have ongoing support for our custom systems that we run.

As you can see there is a great opportunity to be a part of a successful franchise in Australia. You don’t need to have any prior training – just a passion to offer great customer service and a willingness to learn as FCF train you. If you do have an electrical background here is an opportunity to secure repeat, ongoing work.

To find out more about joining the FCF Fire and Electrical Team check out our Fire Safety Franchise page or contact us using the form below.