Appropriate Resort Fire Extinguisher Types

Fire Extinguisher Types That are Appropriate for Resorts

As a resort owner or manager, your primary concern is that your guests will love their safe stay. Besides offering Different Resort Fire Extinguisher Types, first-rate services, this also involves ensuring optimum life safety. Fire safety in resorts is actually delicate: You have to protect various areas with various environmental factors and also you do not want the guests to see the fire detectors and fire panels.

Many Resort Fire Extinguisher Types require fire pumps and products that easily identify the first hint of fire and direct guests safely out from the danger zone. At the same time, the fire protection system has to be highly efficient with fire extinguishers and clearly marked evacuation diagrams since nothing could be much worse than a fire that would rapidly become massive that would claim lives and property.

Resort owners are required to follow the very same fire safety laws as all business organizations. These establishments have to issue a fire safety policy for their workers and maintain compliance. The initial step in acquiring the objective is generally to figure out all products which are required and install them. Next, a fire safety system must be devised and acquire adequate training for resort staff on fire extinguisher types and how they can make use of the fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguisher compliance calls for the identification of the different fire extinguisher types and the types of fires most likely to occur in resorts. These types of fuels are in fact categorised into classes to be able to help you to identify the kind of material acting as fuel for the fire and its suppressing medium.

Four Kinds of Fires and Their Corresponding Resort Fire Extinguisher Types:


Class A fire involving ordinary combustibles

Class A fire involving ordinary combustibles

Class A Fire Extinguishers are used for fires that involve paper products, fabrics of textiles, wood-based products, plastics, and rubber-based products. The type of class A extinguishers that fall into this category are Powder ABE, water, foam and wet chemicals

Class B fire involving flammable liquids

flammable liquid

Class B extinguishers are used to put out fires that started due to flammable or combustible liquids. In the work environment, this could include chemical-based cleaning products, electrical contact cleaner, and lubricants used for equipment. Class B extinguishes that address these materials include Powder ABE and BE, and foam.

Class C fire involving electrical equipment

Electrical Fire
Photo Credit: Chris Keene

Class C extinguishers are used for fires started by flammable gases. Circumstances in which these gases are used to operate machinery could lead to a fire or probable explosion. These extinguishers could put out the fire before pressure builds and produces further events. The type of class C extinguishers used for these fires are Powder ABE and BE.

Class F fire involving cooking oils and fat

Class F fire involving cooking oils and fat
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Class F extinguishers manage fires caused by cooking oils and fat based products. They address fires that could occur in a kitchen setting of the workplace. Class F extinguishers include Powder BE and wet chemical.

Fire safety in resorts involves various challenges. Each resort area from the kitchen, restaurant and guest room to the spa area or parking has its own requirements and environmental conditions.