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Fire Protection Maryborough: Updating Fire Protection Plan fire protection Maryborough

Posted on 1 July 2019

Over the years, fires have devastatingly collected a lot of lives and caused millions worth of property damage. A poorly-developed fire protection plan is one of the main culprits of this destruction. We hope, pray and do everything we could to prevent the fire from arising. We tend to focus more on preventing fires and forget to prepare ourselves for when an emergency does occur. Have you thought about your fire protection plan lately? When was the last time you updated them? This blog for fire protection Maryborough will have tips to make sure you're ready for a fire or emergency. 



Fire Protection Maryborough

Prepare an Evacuation Plan


Planning ahead ensures that everyone evacuates in a smooth and organized manner. An effective evacuation plan should include the following.


Draft a written plan


It should outline evacuation routes, crowd management techniques, methods, and procedures for alerting the fire department or the emergency response team.


Draw out an evacuation diagram


This will map out primary and secondary exit routes, accessible routes for the disabled, and gathering points. The evacuation diagram should also indicate the locations of manual fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers, standpipe stations, and fire alarm controls.


Draw out an exterior site plan


The exterior site plan labels the location of the fire lanes, fire hydrants, and gathering sites outside the building.

Employee Trainings


Employees or occupants must be aware of the building's fire protection plan and basic firefighting and fire prevention skills. This prevents chaos and panic during emergencies. Here are trainings that everyone can enroll.


Fire Extinguisher Training


Fire extinguishers can be dangerous when not used correctly. Thus, if you decide that your employees are to use the fire extinguisher in an emergency, comprehensive training is required.


Evacuation Training


Evacuation routes and external gathering areas should be familiarized by the employees. Appoint employees for specific responsibilities such as using fire extinguishers or assisting others who need help during evacuation. Evacuation procedures should be practiced regularly through fire and emergency drills.


Housekeeping Techniques


Fire safety measures and practices help prevent the fire from happening. Proper housekeeping techniques include:


  • Disposing of wastes should be done properly and daily to prevent pile-ups.
  • Flammable/combustible materials must be stored away from a heat source.
  • Emergency exits must be kept clear at all times.
  • Designate a smoking area outside the building.
  • Cigarette butts should be properly disposed of.

Have Your Fire Extinguishers Checked


To ensure that your fire extinguishers are accessible and will function when needed, assign one of your staff to conduct monthly inspections for your fire extinguishers. This may require minimal training. The staff must check the following:


  • Location of the extinguisher; is it placed where it is supposed to be?
  • Fire extinguisher is not blocked; can it be easily picked up?
  • Locking pin and tamper seal are intact.
  • Pressure gauge indicates a full charge.
  • Operating instructions must be legible and facing forward.
  • Date of latest professional inspection; must be less than a year ago.
  • Date of expiration.

Conduct Annual Inspections


Different fire protection equipment requires appropriate routine inspections and maintenance that should be performed by a fire protection company. FCF conducts thorough services for fire protection system Maryborough. We service the following equipment and system:



We ensure that each of your fire protection components is in proper working condition. If equipment fails the inspection, it can be repaired and replaced immediately by our skilled technician. We also recommend changes to your system to make your building safer, more cost-effective, and compliant with the codes and standards. We ensure that your fire protection system is up to date.

FCF is a leading fire protection services company throughout Australia. Together with our Fire Safety & Electrical Franchise Maryborough, we guarantee that you are in good hands. Whether you need to purchase new fire protection equipment, have them replaced, or inspected, we got you covered. Visit us today for more information.

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