You Should Consider a Regular Fire Inspection

There are many reasons why real estate agencies need a regular fire inspection. Whether it be assuring there is a complete set of safety equipment or identifying risks present in the premises. Business owners should hold responsibility for their work premises and keep a clear understanding on the importance of a regular fire inspection in their real estate agency. Check out these major reasons why your real estate agency needs a regular fire inspection.

It recognises risks present in your real estate agency

With the use of a fire safety inspection checklist, every aspect of the building’s fire safety is assessed and its level of danger is determined. The risk levels fall under three labels:

  1. Light hazard – low level of danger found in an office such as carbon-carrying office supplies
  2. Ordinary hazard – areas storing flammable materials that may cause moderate fires
  3. High hazard – rooms storing dangerous flammable materials in huge volumes

Your office has different risk levels in each corner and this may help you determine the right safety measures. What might look like a properly functioning device could actually cause disasters in a fire accident. It is recommended to implement regular check-ups to identify life-safety hazards in buildings.

It is required by the law

The building manager is responsible for the safety of all the building occupants. Being responsible entails making sure the prescribed fire safety installations under the Queensland Development Code and AS 1851, which requires the regular maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment. These code requirements should be strictly followed to ensure utmost safety in your real estate agency.

Why the fire safety installations need maintenance?


Regular Fire Inspection Fire Extinguisher
Photo Credit: julielongson

Every installation is not a one-time job because over time, fire safety equipment undergoes natural wear and tear. Furthermore, other conditions may affect the effectiveness of the installation such as the change in the fire extinguisher’s pressure. By having a regular inspection by a fire service provider, fire safety in your real estate is on par with the standards and installation reaches the right operational level for accurate functioning.

Periodical inspections are implemented in accordance with Australian Standards that aim to keep well-functioning equipment. The process of maintaining these equipment and systems involve the following:

  • Keeping a record of all the maintenance inspections and checks, referred to as the Essential Safety Measures Report, which will contain the important details for the inspection findings and corresponding actions taken.
  • Identifying the general wear and tear conditions present, e.g. replacement of batteries and emergency lighting.
  • Ensuring a reliable system of early warning and intercommunication, which involves the smoke detector, sprinkler system, mechanical ventilation system and alarm system.
  • Keeping paths of travel or escape route free from obstruction, maintaining fire-protective coverings and portable fire extinguishers.

With all these maintenance checks, your real estate agency can focus more on establishing the business rather than worrying about safety assurance. Contact us today for professional fire inspections.