Fire Safety Checklist For Melbourne Restaurants

Once customers come in through your restaurant doors, you’d want them to experience excellent service while sampling on your tasty food. Most customers are likely unaware that in just a matter of minutes, an open flame or even a small electrical spark could possibly start a fire which can rapidly move. And so, maintaining fire safety is actually an important component of responsible restaurant ownership. So, to help give you peace of mind, we’ve come up with this essential fire safety checklist.

Have a Fire Extinguisher Handy

A fire extinguisher at hand can make a big difference between the fire being put out within seconds, or perhaps spread all over the restaurant. Ideally, you need to have multiple portable fire extinguishers throughout your restaurant. The restaurant staff and customers a better chance of being able to grab a fire extinguisher nearby should a fire ignite in the restaurant.

Regular Staff Training

Fire safety checklist
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Not merely can it be essential to train all your staff in fire safety when they begin working for you, you need to additionally conduct regular refresher training, perhaps an online fire training course every few months. Online fire training courses are a great option as this enables your staff to refresh their memory of what should be done in the event of a fire, and gives them the opportunity to learn new skills.

Regularly Inspect and Maintain the Sprinkler System

Fire sprinkler systems sense heat in a building and quickly open, dispersing water down to extinguish the fire. Thus, it is practical to have one at your restaurant.  Make sure you keep your sprinkler system properly maintained and inspected; after all, you cannot simply switch them on to test them – it would ruin your restaurant. Fire sprinklers should be inspected and maintained by a certified professional.

Do Not Neglect Repairs


It can be tempting to place off small repairs and electrical check-up that does not seem to be urgent at the time, but just too frequently, restaurant owners find that apparently small issues may quickly turn into huge fire hazards. Sparking outlets or even broken switch plates, it is essential to call in a certified electrician. Electrician will be able to repair the issue and check whether there are any fire hazards have been caused. Check this useful source.

Conduct Routine Fire Drills

The most crucial component of coping with a restaurant fire is actually being in a position to get all of the customers out safely and easily. Regular fire drills are actually important, they make sure that the entire staff is ready for a fire. Restaurants are filled with fire hazards, so be sure to make fire safety a priority.