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Fire Protection & Sprinkler Systems In Shopping Malls

Posted by FCF on 3 May 2019
Fire Protection & Sprinkler Systems In Shopping Malls

Fire Protection



If you own or operate a shopping mall, then the safety of the property, employees and its customers is of supreme importance. Ensuring that shopping malls are adequately prepared to deal with a fire situation is crucial and making sure you have a dependable fire safety strategy and high-quality fire protection system can be a matter of business survival and can protect tenants in the event of a fire.

The ideal fire protection systems for your shopping mall will all depend on the mall structure and overall building use. You will find numerous ways of protecting your shopping mall from fire, with the most common being a combination of fire suppression system, fire extinguishers, and smoke alarms. So what are some of the benefits of installing a fire sprinkler system?

Optimum Fire Protection

Fire sprinkler has shown to be better at protecting buildings than fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. Sprinklers do not depend on individuals being on-hand to operate the fire extinguishers or knowing what to do; individuals can focus on evacuating the building while the fire is automatically put out.

Stop Fires Before It Damages The Property

Fire sprinkler systems are heat activated, which means that the moment a blaze starts to take hold the sprinklers are immediately switched on to extinguish the flames. The rapidness with which sprinkler systems are able to deal with a fire ensures minimal damage to the property.


Don't Need To Hold Out For The Fire Brigade

Whether a fire alarm goes off for individuals to dial emergency services or the alarm system to automatically notify the Fire Brigade there is still a wait time until the emergency services can attend. Losing precious time and allowing the fire to blaze out of control. A fire sprinkler system gets to work fighting the blaze instantly and could even be more effective than the Fire Brigade when they do arrive. Fires in buildings with fire sprinkler systems have generally been suppressed before the fire brigade arrives.


Sprinklers are surprisingly an inexpensive fire protection option, typically costing no more than getting new carpets fitted. The sustainability of the systems, mixed with their low maintenance when in contrast with changing and testing several fire extinguishers and alarms each year, makes fire sprinklers a cost-effective choice.
Individual Sprinkler Activation

Lots of people worry about the whole building getting soaked when a small fire is detected somewhere. This is a misconception typically spread by movies. Individually activated sprinkler heads imply that just the area in which the fire is actually recognized is going to be extinguished; the majority of the building will continue to be absolutely dry.

Decreased Insurance Expenditure

Sprinkler controlled fires are much less damaging compared to fires in non-sprinklered buildings. This results in reduced insurance reimbursements. Insurance underwriters will often provide reduced premiums in sprinkler protected attributes which could protect a huge amount of capital.

For your shopping mall's fire sprinkler system needs contact FCF Fire & Electrical Dubbo. We offer a range of fire protection equipment like commercial fire sprinklers, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, fire detection systems, exit and emergency lighting with 5 year exit light warranty, online fire training courses, hydrant testing, rcd testing, electrical works and many more. Visit us today for a free quote.

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