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Fire Fighting Equipment In Restaurants

Posted on 7 May 2019
Fire Fighting Equipment In Restaurants

Fire safety in restaurants, cafes, and other eating establishments should be a top priority since kitchens are always at risk of fires due to cooking equipment. Therefore it is crucial to have the best fire fighting equipment and preventative maintenance. Electric appliances, open flames, hot cooking equipment, the possibility of grease fires and cleaning chemicals are risks for starting a devastating fire. Fire prevention and protection are vital for all restaurants; take note of these essential fire fighting equipment for keeping your business safe from a fire.

Restaurants fire fighting equipment

Fire Extinguisher

Every restaurant needs a fire extinguisher in case of a fire emergency. A kitchen should have a Class F extinguisher, as it is used specifically for kitchen fires involving grease, fats, and oils. Restaurants should also have Class ABE extinguishers for any other fires that may occur, including paper, wood, or electrical fire in rooms other than the kitchen.

Fire Blanket

A fire blanket will also be an indispensable addition to your restaurant kitchen. These works on pan fires, and act as a quick way of putting out a fire without causing much disruption.
Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are recognized to hold the ability to lessen fire damage by 60%. They send out jets of water to extinguish the fire instantly to be sure it doesn't spread to various areas of the restaurants.

Heat And Smoke Detectors

You need a series of detectors throughout the restaurant. Heat detectors are perfect for in the kitchen as fumes and steam will not set it off. Just make sure it is not placed above a heat source, as it detects extreme temperatures. Placing smoke alarms elsewhere, such as where your customers eat, gives even better protection.

Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

Putting up emergency exit signs is an excellent means of making sure everyone knows where they need to go. Having emergency lighting means that everybody is able to see their way out, even if the power has gone off. The event of a fire incident, providing the correct fire signage will aid escape. It will also assist with the usage of fire safety equipment. This will save vital minutes in safely evacuating the restaurant.

Like every business, a restaurant should schedule regular maintenance for all fire fighting equipment and electrical equipment to be aware of any electrical fire hazards. Your staff should also have appropriate fire prevention training to learn the best way to prevent a fire event from happening in your restaurant. Train everyone how to use a fire extinguisher, how to store flammable liquids properly, and assign daily tasks to avoid fire hazards in the kitchen. Additionally, developing an emergency plan is crucial in the event of a fire to keep your staff and customers as safe as possible. Get the facts to this site.

With hot equipment, open flames and cooking oils, there are a variety of potential causes of a fire in a restaurant. So it makes sense to make sure your business is prepared with the proper fire-fighting equipment. The short time you spend improving fire safety could save the lives of employees and customers, and keep your business open.

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