Smoke Detectors Canberra – Vital Safety Information

Research shows Smoke Detectors save lives. Individuals lacking the necessary smoke alarms in their home have three times greater risk of dying in a house fire than those living in homes with working smoke detectors. In fact, approximately 75 percent of deaths resulting from a home fire is the result of having no working smoke alarm in the home, and 50 percent of deaths attributed to home fires occur when the individuals are asleep. For this reason, smoke detectors in Canberra and throughout the country are now mandatory.

Smoke Detectors Australia – Legal Requirements


Smoke Alarm Laws state that any home constructed prior to July 1, 1997, must have a minimum of one smoke alarm in the home, and this alarm must be operated by a 9-volt battery. Homes constructed or renovated considerably after this date need to have a hardwired 240-volt smoke alarm. Any building requesting approval on or after May 1, 2014, must include interconnected and hardwired smoke detectors.

Smoke Alarm Installation plays a role in the effectiveness of these devices. The alarms need to be placed on the ceiling, if possible, or high on walls in the home. The alarms need to be placed in a hall or close to sleeping areas. In homes with more than one story, multiple alarms are required, and those who sleep with their bedroom door closed need an alarm installed in their room. Avoid installing the alarms in areas prone to air movements, such as near windows or fans. In addition, the smoke detectors shouldn’t be installed in kitchens or bathrooms or anywhere insects like to congregate. Fluorescent lights may also interfere with the proper functioning of smoke alarms.

Which Type Of Smoke Alarm Is Required?


Although individuals aren’t required to purchase a specific type of smoke alarm, photoelectric smoke detectors are recommended. They pick up visible particles of combustion, thus they are able to detect both dense smoke and a smouldering fire. In addition, they aren’t as likely to generate false alarms. These alarms come in both 9-volt versions and 240-volt hardwired versions.

Why Canberra Smoke Detectors Are Essential


Smoke can not only interfere with a person’s ability to see, it also irritates the eyes. As a result, individuals trapped in a building may become disoriented or find their judgment is impaired. This may lead to the person becoming panicked and unable to exit the residence. What many fail to realize is that fire isn’t the most common cause of deaths in a residential fire. Individuals are more likely to die after inhaling fire gases that are toxic. Smoke detectors provide an early warning, giving individuals extra time to get out of the home before the fire spreads.

Individuals should never discount the importance of smoke detectors in a home. A smoke detector alerts residents to a house fire, providing them with time to hopefully exit the structure safely and contact the fire brigade. Ensure the smoke alarms in your home are working and, if they aren’t, replace or repair them immediately. The risk is just too great to let this task be postponed. If you are in the ACT or surrounding towns,

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