Fire Extinguishers in Australia

In Australia there are 6 main fire extinguisher types which can be installed in business premises. The different types of fire extinguishers in Australia are for different types of fire. For this reason it is essential that Australian businesses have the right type of extinguisher installed in their workplace.

Types Of Fire Extinguishers

Class A

Class A Fire Extinguishers are used for fires that involve paper products, fabrics of textiles, wood-based products, plastics, and rubber-based products. The type of class A extinguishers that fall into this category are Powder ABE, water, foam and wet chemicals

Class B

Class B extinguishers are used to put out fires that started due to flammable or combustible liquids. In the work environment, this could include chemical-based cleaning products, electrical contact cleaner, and lubricants used for equipment. The class B extinguishes that address these materials include Powder ABE and BE, and foam.

Class C

Class C extinguishers are used for fires started by flammable gases. Circumstances in which these gases are used to operate machinery could lead to a fire or probable explosion. These extinguishers could put out the fire before pressure builds and produces further events. The type of class C extinguishers used for these fires are Powder ABE and BE.

Class D

Combustible Metals – Often used in Laboratories

Class E

Class E extinguishers stop electrical fires. This includes events related to electrical equipment that requires electricity or circuit to operate. The class E extinguishers used for electrical-based fires include Powder ABE and BE, carbon dioxide, and vaporizing liquid.

Class F

Class F extinguishers manage fires caused by cooking oils and fat based products. They address fires that could occur in a kitchen setting of the workplace. Class F extinguishers include Powder BE and wet chemical.

Need Assistance With Fire Extinguishers?

FCF Fire and Electrical can help you with the correct use and installation of fire extinguishers for your home or business. We service businesses right across Australia with the supply, installation and training for fire blankets.