Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

A Carbon Dioxide Fire extinguisher is a specific type of fire extinguisher that can be used on electrical fires. This is particularly important for workplaces in Australia that use high powered equipment or infrastructure.
Depending on the nature of your workplace, you may be required by law and the AS1851 safety standards to ensure you have a CO2 fire extinguisher installed. The Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher is one of the 6 types of fire extinguishers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Fire Class Is A Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher Used For?

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are used on electrical fires. This is a Type E fire classification. In Australia, there are a total of 5 fire extinguisher classes. They are fire classification A: Wood Paper Plastic, B: Flammable and Combustable Liquids, C: Flammable Gases, E: Electrically Energised Equipment and F: Cooking Oils and Fats.


What Colour Band Is A Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher?

Co2 Fire Extinguishers are identified by a black colour band. Other types of fire extinguishers are: Water (red), Wet Chemical (yellow band), Foam (blue band), Dry Chemical Powder (white band), Carbon Dioxide (black band) and Vaporising Liquid (yellow).

Do You Need A CO2 Fire Extinguisher?

If you are a business owner, it is your legal responsibility to make sure that you are prepared for emergencies. Your workplace may need to have a Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher installed. 

This will be determined by the potential fire hazards that are in your workplace. An FCF  Safety consultant will be able to assist you and advise if you are in need of a CO2 Fire Extinguisher. 

What If I Use A CO2 Fire Extinguisher?

Once a Co2 fire extinguisher is used, it needs to be tested, recharged or possibly decommissioned.

Once again, an FCF Fire Safety Consultant will be able to test and see if this is the case.


Do CO2 Fire Extinguishers Need Maintenance?

Many people don’t realize the importance of having the carbon dioxide extinguisher inspected on a regular basis. It should have an expiration date after which it needs to be inspected or replaced. Even though this is something that is often overlooked, it is very important to get it done regularly. Otherwise, there is a good chance that there could be a fire and there would be no way to put it out. 

Fire equipment maintenance is an important obligation for Australian business owners and business owners should be aware of the relevant regulations for their state.

How Do I Use This Extinguisher Properly?

The next thing that you need to be aware of is how to operate the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher properly. If this is not something that you are familiar with, it doesn’t pay to read over the directions and get a good idea as to what needs to be done.

This way, if there is ever an emergency situation, you won’t have to wait for the fire department to show up to take on this task.

Be Prepared

A fire is something that can quickly destroy your entire business. Don’t take any chances of not knowing how to use a Co2 Fire Extinguisher. Staff fire safety training is available for workplaces across Australia. FCF Fire and Electrical offer a comprehensive fire safety training program that is tailored to your workplace. Contact us today for more information.

Need Assistance With Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers?

FCF we can help you in the installation, service and training of CO2 Fire Extinguishers.