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Maximizing Fire Safety and Productivity In Your Workplace

Posted by FCF on 15 May 2019
Maximizing Fire Safety and Productivity In Your Workplace

Keeping the workplace safe is imperative for the wellness of employees as well as customers, no matter the size and industry of business. Companies put their employees, customers and reputation when they take Fire Safety for granted. Furthermore, failure to send their employees to Fire Safety Training heightens the risk of accidents and fatal injuries. Maximizing fire safety and productivity in the workplace comes hand in hand. When there is proper planning and training for fire safety, it lowers the risk of loss in income, damage to property and lost time due to incidents and injuries. Thus, increasing productivity and profit. Find out more here.



Investing on Fire Protection equipment such as Smoke Alarm, fire extinuishers and fire suppression system reduces the ramifications of fire incidents in the workplace.


How to Maximize Fire Safety and Productivity in the Workplace

  • Identify Workplace Hazards

A Fire Safety analysis checklist can make a huge difference for a company. This checklist allows a business to identify and assess risks and plan appropriately. The checklist must center on the following concerns:


1.                                          1. Equipment

Identify and assess the equipment and appliances that workers are using for their daily tasks with the potential dangers it can impose.


2.                                           2  Environment

Evaluate the environmental conditions that may cause fire, accidents and injuries.


3.                                          3.  Employee Behaviors


Examine the daily employee behavior that may cause unfavorable incidents


When hazards are identified, it is important that the employees are informed of these dangers. It is advised that accidents and injuries are recorded as well as the costs associated with them. This statistic will give a better data-driven approach in implementing improvements.


  • Invest on Fire Safety Equipment

A fire safe workplace need appropriate equipment and system. Here is a list of common fire safety equipment:


·         Fire Extinguishers

·         Fire Blankets

·         Fire Hose Reel

·         Fire Doors

·         Emergency Exit Lighting & Signs

·         Fire Escape Ladders

·         First Aid Kit

·         Fire Sprinkler System

·         Fire and Smoke Alarm System


  • Develop a Company-Wide Fire Safety Training Program

Installing fire protection equipment is not enough to keep the business safe. Make sure that employees are properly trained to use fire safety equipment. A fire extinguisher will help put off fire, but if it is handled by untrained hands could place the company into greater danger.


  • Keep Emergency Exits Clear

No one can ever tell when an emergency will happen or when employees need to evacuate the building immediately. It is important that there are emergency exits throughout the workplace. Emergency exits should have signs clearly posted and all employees must be aware of the locations of all exits. These emergency exits should never be blocked at all costs.


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To help you prepare your company, FCF offers comprehensive training services with documentation and hands on assistance with classes and examinations. We can help plan your training and establish a routine to educate and refresh your employees with the procedures. We install, inspect and repair your fire protection system to ensure the safety of your building. Keep your building fully protected with us. We offer 24/7 emergency services in case of an emergent situation. Fire Safety Australia is our number one priority
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