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Fire Extinguisher Service Quote Online

Posted by Jacob Foster on 4 March 2020
No more surprise repairs on fire equipment.

Moving with the times and having some really great tools at FCF's hands, why not push the boundaries and introduce online quoting.

Business owners don't have time to ring serval different fire service providers and their staff defiantly don't have time to ring fire companies.

Given that FCF has 5 Year Warranties on Exit and Emergency Lights, 5 Year Warranties on fire extinguishers, we know our prices are fixed. Which makes it very easy to give our clients a set price online and within under a minute, of course, if you know what fire equipment you have. You have two options listed out to choose from for your fire safety requirements.

A quick checklist of every business in Australia should have;
  •     Fire Extinguishers
  •     Fire Evacuation Plan
  •     Fire Diagram
  •     Fire Training for First Response (Fire Extinguisher Training)
See the link for a quote online now - https://www.fcfnational.com.au/fire-auto-quote.html

Bigger offices, warehouses, surgeries, night clubs may have;

  •     Exit and Emergency Lights
  •     Fire Detection Systems
  •     Fire Pumps
  •     Fire Sprinkler Systems

No matter the equipment you have FCF can quote your business online or we can have a fully trained fire technician attend your site for a free quote.

So let's take a fire company fire service quote one step further.

What if we know our fixed costs, used our experience and figured out a way to fix the price of all your fire checks, inspections, and repairs into a monthly total.

Well, we did.

The main factors that allow FCF to fix prices on fire extinguishers, exit lights, and other firefighting equipment are our growth. As our business grows and more people join, our prices stay consistent with the original pricing even with, increases and CPI. So instead of FCF making more of the bulk buying power we simply pass it on.

Fixed testing prices including anti-tamper tags, rings, metal inspection tags, and the whole fire extinguisher.

No more surprises, none at all. One set amount and we bet that if you compare to your current provider, which we show you online. FCF will be miles ahead as you comply with servicing to AS1851, State Legislation, Fire Training Requirements.

Basically Set and Forget until you need the fire equipment to work in an emergency FCF take care of it all.

See a comparison quote for your fire services online or we come to you at - https://www.fcfnational.com.au/self-quoting.html

Go Team FCF Fire & Electrical

Useful links for your business;
Fire Training Online/ VR or Class Room visit - https://firetrainingonline.fcfnational.com.au/
Evacuation Diagrams from $25 visit - https://fireevacdiagrams.fcfnational.com.au/

Find a local owner-operator near you- Mackay, Rockhampton, Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania plus more check out www.fcfnational.com.au

Jacob Foster

Electrical Contractor- Fire Certifier- Diploma in Franchising- CEO of FCF

Jacob Foster has over 15 years' experience as a Fire Professional and even longer as an electrician. Starting FCF in 2008 at the beginning of the GFC Jacob has seen tough times for clients and focused on delivering affordable fire protection services to meet state legislation. Going to help families start their own business and continue to train all fire technicians across various levels to meet the FCF Standard. With International awards and local recognition FCF is an Industry Leader, find out more at https://www.firesafetyfranchise.com.au/how-fcf-started.html

Jacob FosterAuthor: Jacob Foster

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