Electrical Fire Extinguishers ? – What to use in an Electrical Fire

Electrical fires are far more common than we think and they can happen at just about any time. As such, it is important for commercial properties to be properly equipped to handle the same in the event that one does occur. Certain types of fire extinguishers are designed to work in the case of electrical fires. These are called Electrical Fire Extinguishers. It is important to understand the nature of electrical fires so you can understand which type of extinguisher is best to use.

What To Know About Electrical Fires and Electrical Fire Extinguishers

Due to the fact that electrical fires are different in nature from other kinds of fires, the fire extinguishers used to tackle the same need to be different. For starters, electrical fires can get exponentially worse, very quickly, when they are doused with water or other kinds of liquids. As such, the contents of electrical fire extinguishers need to be different from that found in a foam fire extinguisher, dry powder extinguisher, or water fire extinguisher. Below are a few of the different kinds of electrical fire extinguishers available.

1. Carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguishers

CO2 fire extinguishers are specially designed to replace the oxygen in the room around the fire with carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide ensures that the fire remains contained, and is not spread or reignited due to coming in contact with the oxygen. Admittedly, CO2 fire extinguishers offer no post fire security and the fire could easily reignite. In addition to containing electrical fires, CO2 fire extinguishers are also great for containing and extinguishing class B liquid fires. Visit this site https://www.ehow.com/facts_4881630_types-fire-extinguishers.html.

How To Use Fire Extinguishers Per Australian Standards

Electrical Fire Extinguishers are generally a recommended addition to any property. However, having fire extinguishers designed specifically for extinguishing electrical fires are of particular importance. Electrical fire extinguishers are specially designed due in large part to the nature of electrical fires.

Electrical fires can become worse when doused with certain liquids or water. As such, the contents of electrical fire extinguishers are different. For example, electrical fire extinguishers have carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 fire extinguishers help rob the air around the fire of oxygen, preventing the spread and reignition of the fire while the electricity is being disconnected. Many CO2 extinguishers are automatic (working with a smoke detector), as well as an alarm (to warn people to evacuate the room as the oxygen they need will be replaced with carbon dioxide. There are instances when CO2 extinguishers are handheld. These, however, should strictly be handled by a professional.

Electrical Fire Extinguishers

There are a number of different types of fire extinguishers in Australia and it is essential that the correct extinguisher is installed in your workplace. While there is no specific type of fire extinguisher that is officially called an electrical fire extinguisher, there are certain types of fire extinguishers that are rated for electrical fires. This includes the CO2 or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. For assistance with the installation of the correct fire extinguisher in your workplace, visit us here FCF Fire and Electrical today.