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What to Know About Child Care Fire Safety Training

Posted by FCF on 24 April 2019
What to Know About Child Care Fire Safety Training

Fire incidents are the last thing we want in day care centres, especially knowing that this may cause trauma to the children and consequently affect their education. Henceforth, it is a priority to train staff on Child Care fire safety training to minimise hazards and fire accidents.

Owning or managing a day care centre means being fully responsible for the safety of everyone occupying the building. It is not only a legal obligation but an ethical duty as well, wherein the health, safety, and welfare of all employees and students under the facility's roof are provided utmost safety. In addressing this matter, fire safety induction program training should be held regularly. This is to ensure that those holding responsibilities know how to manage an evacuation procedure and undergo fire extinguisher training among other safety practices.

Taking into account the fire safety legislation along with the child care safety rules, here are the fundamentals of fire training.


Child Care Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Plan

The fire safety plan is the basic foundation for establishing rules, which contains every staff's responsibility when practicing fire safety like using fire extinguishers and evacuating.

This plan contains the necessary points of determining what to do when a fire alarm sounds off, conducting regular fire drills, knowing how to evacuate the children and where to take them.

Teachers or health representatives are expected to know this during the training programme.

Fire Prevention

Preventing fire revolves around the knowledge of the common causes of fire and disregarding their uses or lowering the risks at the centre. By hiring fire and safety specialists, your healthcare facility will undergo assessments on hazards involving electrical wiring, cooking materials and flammable materials present in the area. Once inspected, safety practices will be implemented including the ban of dangerous materials and maximum safety practice in fire-prone places.

Training Employees

Knowing where to evacuate is not enough knowledge in the evacuation process. Behaviour and decisiveness are critical qualifiers for whether an employee handling children can successfully manage the situation. These actions are influenced by how the teacher prevents panic during the situation, knows exactly what to tell the children without confusing them, gives brief and clear instructions, and acts upon any given situation with full control.

How To Use Fire Extinguishers

One of the most significant parts in the Child Care Fire Safety Training is the fire extinguisher training courses. You never know when you have to extinguish flames, so knowing this will definitely be a life-saver. Whether it is suppressing a fire that has just started or doing so while evacuating a building, you will learn best through the acronym P.A.S.S.!

P Pull the locking pin that disables the handles

A Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire to easily extinguish it

S Squeeze the handle to discharge contents towards the fire

S Sweep the nozzle from side to side for a quicker suppression



Teaching Safety To Children

Children are pretty sensitive and curious beings. The two combined can be quite hard to handle knowing it may scare the child or even confuse them more. However, a well-communicated instruction can teach a number of safe behaviours and reflexes to children. By use of a fun and educational activity, kids can learn how to "STOP. DROP AND ROLL" to extinguish fire caught on their clothes or even the basic "GET DOWN LOW, AND GO, GO, GO" for evacuating.

While it may seem like an arduous task, implementing fire safety Child Care Fire Safety Training for your workers will always pay off with a maximum safety in the daycare. Contact a trusted fire safety technician for enquiries.


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