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The Value of Fire Safety Training in Australia

Posted on 15 May 2019
The Value of Fire Safety Training in Australia

Fire Safety Training can be easily taken for granted. We are preoccupied by our daily work and activities that we tend to forget the importance of planning the Fire Safety of our building.


Fire Safety Training



It is important that occupants or employees of a building are aware of the Fire Safety Plan and how to efficiently respond to an emergency without panic or confusion; a proper Fire Safety Training is the key. The lack of planning and training puts everyone at greater risk. When occupants are unaware of the proper response, they tend to panic and this could lead to fatal injuries. They might run to the wrong directions away from the emergency exit and try to salvage belongings that should be left behind. Elderly and impaired persons may have a hard time navigating the exit, while capable people do not realize that they could assist.


With the right training and planning, the facility assets and occupants are at lower risk in case of an emergency situation. They can handle the emergency calmly and exit the facility without causing a stampede. Appointed responders will address the fire depending on the safety measures that are in place. Here are some tips in commercial fire safety training.


A number of specific fire safety training courses can be administered to your facility personnel. These courses cover comprehensive procedures and proper response protocol in the event of a fire emergency. Emergency coordinators are appointed to help escort persons from the building and making sure areas have been cleared. These procedures must adhere to the Australian Standards to ensure that the facility is in compliance.


Planning an emergency response must include appointing personnel that are trained on using fire equipment such as fire extinguishers and blankets available. Others must be aware of the exits and keep people calm.

Look for an authorized fire safety trainer near you to help plan your training and establish a routine to educate and refresh your employees with the procedures. FCF can provide comprehensive training services  as well as Online Fire Training with documentation and hands on assistance with classes and examinations. Learn more about Fire Safety Training Australia with us. Fire Safety Australia is our number one priority.

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