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Penrith Store Fire Safety Tips

Posted on 16 July 2019

Over the years, fires have caused costly property damage and loss of lives. Explosions and fires account for about 3% of workplace injuries and the highest casualty rate among other probable workplace accidents. These are frequently caused by risk factors such as faulty gas lines, poor pipefitting, improper storage of combustible materials, and open flames. Due to the extremely dangerous impact of these accidents, some steps should be undertaken to maintain and ensure Penrith store fire safety.


Penrith Store Fire Safety Tips

Here are ways to keep you safe from store fire and explosion.


Electrical control panels, which are used to shutdown power in emergencies, should never be blocked. The control panels should be accessible at all times. Other fire protection equipment such as fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, emergency clearances should be cleared from obstructions.

Good Housekeeping

Waste piles and clutter fuels fire, causing the fire to develop rapidly. This is not the only danger of a disorganized place; clutter can block egress routes and emergency equipment. A good way to prevent this is to always keep the workplace clutter-free as possible and ensure that equipment and other things are properly stored.

Proper Waste Disposal

Fire hazards such as oily rags should be properly disposed by putting them inside a covered metal container and emptying it regularly.


If there are machines in the store, ensure that they are regularly maintained to prevent overheating and friction sparks; a record of this routine maintenance should be kept

Report Electrical Hazards

Electrical repairs should only be done by a qualified and authorized electrician. Faulty wiring and glitched electrical equipment are one of the most common contributors to a lot of fires. Immediately contact a qualified electrician or authorized personnel to look into faulty electrical equipment.

Safe Chemical Use & Storage

Always check the label before using or storing any chemical substance. Furthermore, make sure that it is done in an area with adequate ventilation. Ensure that the staff have proper equipment for handling hazardous chemicals and other materials.

Precautions in Explosive Atmosphere

Recommended and required precautions should always be followed to prevent ignition in areas where explosion would likely occur such as storage or shacks for flammable fluids. These precaution involves using non-sparking tools and proper static electricity control in the area.

Maximum Building Security

Lock up the store and report suspicious persons and behavior immediately to avoid arson. Also, never leave combustible garbage outside or near the store.

Smoke Areas

Designate a smoking area for workers and customers. Make sure that no one smokes outside the designated area. Put up signs to remind everyone to properly discard cigarettes.

Fully Charged Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should always be fully charged and ready for use. Have your local fire protection service company inspect fire extinguishers regularly. Provide proper training for employees on handling the equipment.

Emergency Numbers and Proper Signage

Emergency numbers should be kept where it is accessible. Ensure that exit signs are installed as well as a fire evacuation plan ready.

Fire Drills and Evacuation Plan

Fire drills should be conducted at least twice a year and designate a safe spot for customers and employees to gather in the event of an emergency. Review fire protection plan regularly with local fire company to assess its effectivity.

For additional information contact a fire protection Penrith company. FCF offers a wide range of fire safety products and services. We also offer regulatory compliance sessions for fire protection equipment. We can train your employees the proper use of fire extinguishers and as well as fire warden training.

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