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Kids Fire Safety Tips They Will Remember

Posted on 22 July 2019

Playing with fire has caused serious damage to property and loss of lives, most of them were involved with children. It's essential that kids are taught about fire safety and ways to prevent a fire from occurring. They should also be educated on how to protect themselves in the event of a fire. Here are tips on ensuring kids fire safety.

Don't play with matches or lighters.

This is the most common and important rule that kids should follow. Kids must learn the consequences of playing with fire. Safe kids should never use them without adult supervision and permission.

Completely extinguish matches by running them under water before discarding.

This can be taught by example. When kids see you run water over a match before tossing it into the trash bin, they will follow this in the future. This ensures that paper in the trash does not accidentally ignite.

Never leave candles or incense burning.

Older children must know that leaving exposed heat sources such as burning candles and incense can be dangerous if left unattended. Teach them to turn off space heaters and blow off candles or incense when they leave the room. This can also be taught to younger ones, too.

Do not overplug.

Because of the development of technology today, there are more electronic devices. Older children must be taught not to plug too many devices in a single outlet, whether through extension cords or power strips. Younger kids should ask for adults to plug their devices.

Don't play near the fireplace or stove.

Playing near the fireplace or stove could increase the risk and probability of loose materials getting too near to the open flame. Or worse, their loose clothing might catch fire.

Store flammable materials away from the stove.

For kids who are learning to cook, they should know how to keep things like dish towels and oven mitts away from open flame or source of heat. These items could catch fire in a split second.

Establish and practice an escape plan.

An escape plan should be included in maintaining fire safety kids should know. In the event of a fire, children should know what to do and practice them regularly.

Get low, get out.

Smoke inhalation is the most common cause of death in fire-related incidents. In the event of a fire, the kids should learn the proper technique of getting out of the building safely - get low and get out.

Stop, drop, and roll.

Kids should learn what to do if their clothes catch fire. This is a classic fire safety tip for both kids and adults. Show them how to put out the fire by practicing this technique with them.

Never hide in closets or under the bed.

Teach the kids to never hide in closets and under the beds in case of fire. This could cause suffocation.

Leave your belongings.

Nothing is more important than your lives. Belongings should be left and never go back inside the building to save them.

Don't use the elevator.

If you live in an apartment building, make sure your kids know how to use the stairs. Elevators should never be used in an emergency.

Once in a safe place, call emergency responders.

If kids are left with no adults, they should know how to find a safe place and call emergency responders once they are out of danger.

Help your kids stay safe by providing your home with adequate fire protection equipment and ensuring that your home is safe against fire. Always remember, practice what you preach.

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