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Importance of Business Fire Safety Plan

Posted by FCF on 27 May 2019
Importance of Business Fire Safety Plan

Responding effectively and promptly if a fire breaks out in your office can keep your employees safe and prevent damage to valuable equipment and the premises. As a business owner your employees safety is one of you responsibilities, drawing up and posting a fire safety plan with a fire protective service is essential. You may currently have a fire contingency plan to help you lessen the consequences of a fire and get your business up and working again. Nevertheless, this is very distinct from a business fire safety plan.

Fire Safety Plan

Generally, a fire safety plan provides information that is relevant about the building's layout, the fire protection systems and equipment, and the emergency evacuation procedures. In case you do not own the building, the owner should ideally have a fire plan that you are able to review and adapt for your business. Nevertheless, to make sure you are adhering to best practice, visit any nearby fire prevention department for a template or guidelines on content and layout.

The Fire Safety plan must include things like floor plans which show evacuation routes from each floor, along with fire exits, external meeting points and places of refuge. An extra floor plan designed to help the fire department that shows fire protection systems, and have a description of the building, along with possible access issues for firefighters. The plan should also specify exactly how the fire alarm system works and whether it communicates straight with any nearby fire service along with the dynamics of fire protection equipment, like sprinklers and extinguishers, as well as the location of standpipe and hose systems. There are usually  extra requirements for industrial units and tall buildings.


A crucial component of your Fire Safety plan is an up-to-date list of your staff, contractors and visitors on site,allowing an audit in the occasion of a fire. Also, designate employees with specified fire safety responsibilities. Carry out regular drills and fire training for all your employees to ensure they are aware of your fire safety plan, what to do in case a fire is discovered and become familiar with evacuation routes.

Putting together a fire safety plan might feel like a burden, but there are no quick cuts when it comes to safeguarding your business and employees. A well-thought-out plan provides everyone peace of mind and can help the fire service do its work efficiently.



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