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Fire extinguishers: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Posted on 3 June 2019
Fire extinguishers: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Fire is an ever present threat in Australia. Although fires can be avoided by carrying out comprehensive fire prevention plan, you can never be sure that it will never happen. This is why the next necessary step after establishing fire prevention measures is to invest in the installation of  fire protection equipment. There are numerous equipment that will be installed depending on the type and design of a building. But, the most common and first thing to have are fire extinguishers. When a fire does arise, most of the time they are the first line of defense and often contain fire before they become out of control and cause serious damage to property.

Fire extinguishers 

You might think that you won't need a fire extinguisher because a bucket of water will do. Think again. Although water can put out fire, it can also make things worse. There are different causes of fire - waste pile, grease, cooking oil, damaged electrical wiring, the list goes on. For example, putting off fire that is caused by cooking oil with a bucket of water will only worsen the situation. That is why there are various fire extinguisher types for different causes of fire. Fire extinguisher use different types of extinguishing agents - dry chemical, wet chemical, clean agent, water stream, water mist, foam, and dry powder. When choosing for the right fire extinguisher, you must understand and learn about its proper use.


Be sure that the fire extinguishers for sale are certified and accredited. A fire extinguisher that is out of date or uncertified is as good as none.


For more information about fire extinguishers Australia, visit FCF today.
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