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Corrimal High School Fire: School Fire Prevention

Posted on 16 July 2019

One of the aspects in achieving a successful business is providing safety, security and protection for your employees, staff and clients in all forms. Included in these responsibilities is making sure that your business is prepared for emergencies at all times. One of this catastrophic emergencies is fire. Fire is one of the most difficult adversaries of a business. But, this can be reduced by laying out a comprehensive fire protection plan.

The main goal in the design process of a  Sydney East fire protection plan is to safeguard people, reduce recovery time, and protect the property. Here are a few steps that can be followed to accomplish all of these goals and have a fire protection system that suits the needs of your business. Check this fire in penrith https://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/5738100/major-fire-at-corrimal-high-school-how-it-unfolded/.


When preparing a design for a new fire protection system, the first thing to consider is the code. The code sets out the minimum requirements or standards for fire safety Sydney East. These codes may vary from one area to another, thus, business owners must be familiar with the requirements in their specific areas or their local codes. This will not only ensure that you are compliant with the codes but it will also you time and money.


The fire protection system must also include a detection solution. Modern technology has developed a system that has a smarter way of detecting danger. There are detection systems that could precisely differentiate low and high levels of danger.

Heat detectors are capable of triggering an alarm even before smoke is present. Investing on this type of detector can provide a higher level of protection. However, it is best to consult a fire protection specialist to get advice on what is best suited for your business.


Fire and smoke alarms are vital system in any type of facility. In the event of fire or emergency, alarms warn the people inside the building to evacuate the building, and alert emergency personnel to respond to the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The notification technology enables the alarm systems to send out critical information to emergency responders such as location and severity of the fire. This allows the emergency responders to bring with them proper equipment and dispatch adequate responders. Recorded instructions for the evacuation procedure may also be announced through the alarm.


Fire detection and alarm system are often linked with the fire suppression system. Therefore, once the detection and alarm system is triggered, the fire suppression system is activated as well. The suppression system helps contain a fire until it can be fully extinguished. The most common form of fire suppression system is the fire sprinkler.

However, some facilities are hindered to use water sprinklers because of the sensitive equipment and data in the building. Thus, chemical suppression system may be utilized.


Installation of new fire protection system is only the start of providing safety, security and protection for your employees and clients. The next step is having them inspected and maintained regularly by a fire safety professional at least once a year. This is important in ensuring that the fire protection system is at its peak effectiveness at all times.

FCF provides an extensive range of services including supply, testing and maintenance for fire protection systems. We can assist you on procuring a business fire permit and ensure that your establishment is fire safe.
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