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Brisbane Fire Protection: Bushfire Awareness

Posted by FCF on 17 June 2019

Bushfires are inevitable; a lightning strike, human negligence, accidents or arson can start this catastrophe.

It is important for people living in rural, semi-rural or a country town to be aware of their area is on a fire-prone zone; the Shire council have maps that locate these zones. The Shire is responsible for securing certain procedures that are conducted and that the standards of fire preparedness in the local community are high. Some of these procedures include reducing flammable fuels, installation of firebreaks and complying with building construction standards.

In the event of a bushfire, find out where the fire is and where it is headed. News regarding bushfires is broadcasted on certain channels or visit the QFES website for warnings and updates. Queensland fire service posts news, warnings, and risks of bushfire. After the direction of the bushfire is determined, assess the level of risk. When you are at threat, evaluate your fire plan and implement safety measures applicable.

Fill up as many buckets of water and as well as the bath while there is still access for water if you decide to stay and defend your property. Block the downpipes and fill all gutters with water and firmly shut all doors and windows. Air Conditioners should be turned off and all roof vents closed.

The QFES and volunteer bushfire brigades will be fighting the bushfire. Their priority is to fight the bushfire and protect nearby areas as well as the people. But, you might not be on top of them. There may also be obstructions in coming to rescue you from your location or lack of resources to get to you. Therefore, you must be prepared to stay and defend or vacate your property as early as possible.

The choice to stay and defend your property relies on the level of preparedness of your property to withstand fire, if your house can be a last-resort refuge. Also, your health and fitness should be considered as well. You should be fit, strong, and psychologically capable of withstanding the significant stress of the situation. Furthermore, you must have the appropriate clothing in fighting the bushfire such as but not limited to safety helmet, long sleeve shirt, and long trousers, boots and goggles.

It is advised to stay outside as long as possible to extinguish spot fires in gardens and embers falling on the house. When the main head fire arrives, it is time to take refuge inside. Resume firefighting after it passes.  These burning embers are the real threat to your property. The common cause of houses burning down is due to the burning embers that is driven by the strong winds.

Your property must be adequately equipped. Fire protection equipment must be available and up to date. Check your equipment such as the fire extinguisher tag if it is updated. Contact accredited Brisbane Fire Protection equipment supplier for advice.

Last-minute evacuation is very dangerous especially when you've already been surrounded by the bushfire. The flames, dense smoke, and noise may cause panic and chaos. Routes may be obstructed by the fire and fallen trees and posts or accidents caused by the fire. The smoke will also hinder the visibility of the road. A lot of lives have been lost due to last-minute escapes.

Always be prepared for this devastating phenomenon. Fire plans should already be set thoroughly before the fire season. This will help in the decision making when a bushfire does occur. This will prevent panic caused by the lack of knowledge and preparation.

There are a group of volunteers in fighting bushfire Brisbane that needs your support. Friends and neighbors share their time in preventing bushfire damage and protecting lives. If you are fit, you can support them by joining their cause.

Seek advice from QLD Fire Safety Services in preparing your property from this disaster. FCF offers a wide range of supply and fire protection services, contact us today.


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