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FCF Franchise Opportunity

Why Choose a FCF Fire, Electrical & Safety Compliance Franchise?

  • First to Franchise the Fire Industry
  • Reoccurring work
  • Internationally recognized
  • Custom built cloud-based Software Systems
  • Fully Licenced Fire Certifiers in the Support Team
  • More Services Offered than other Fire Safety Franchises
  • Quality Training Programs & access to Study Groups
  • Exclusive Five Year Warranties
  • Access approved Business Mentors
  • Alliances with Industry Experts
  • Fulltime National Clients support staff
  • Scalable business
  • Culture in fellow franchisees

Choosing the right brand and team

FCF has chosen franchising as a growth model as the structure allows for multiple owners and shared returns locally. With a goal of becoming Australia's largest fire provider in metro and regional areas. People are the key to seeing the vision built by not one singular person but of many with like minded morals, ethics, work values to build a culture of helping each other and fellow Australians in their electrical, fire and safety needs.

Marketing to gain you work

Gaining work is in the top three items of most important areas in a start-up business. With many years' experience and trial/ error, FCF knows what works and how. Using marketing technics from other industries and adapting has allowed FCF to start new businesses in regional or metro areas, multiple times.

Our marketing team assists in gaining work in-conjunction with your local marketing plan that is created in the training period.

Pathway to a fire technician

No experience or a fully-fledged fire technician no matter your skill level our training is the country's best. With third party recognised certificates, in house modules, videos and training groups monthly on focused services, FCF knows everyone can further their skill set.

Let 100 years plus experience in the fire industry technicians assist you in becoming a Fire Technician.

Business mentoring and the transformation into a business owner

Haven't run a small to medium business before? Joining a franchise system that has ironed out multiple painful errors along the way is a confidence builder. For example, asset tracking system, job management from lead to invoice, employment agreements, policies etc. Starting a business is a big leap and one of the biggest decisions in many people's lives. Having skilled mentors, business coach's, Business development manager and also fellow franchisees gives you a team to lean on.

Choose from 2 Options

Franchise Lite
An entry level package into the fire, electrical & safety industry with the opportunity to upskill.
Franchise Full
A complete package enabling you to offer all FCF's services in the fire, electrical & safety industry.

Frequently asked questions about FCF Franchising

Q: Where does my work come from?
Q: How much can I earn?
Q: Is FCF Growing?
Q: What type of vehicle do I need to operate?
Q: How long does your recruitment on-boarding process take?
Q: As a franchise partner am I required to have a store?
Q: How much does a franchise cost?
Q: How long is training?
Q: What are the fees?
Q: What happens when I want to sell?
Q: Do I need to be an electrician?
Q: How are the territories sized?
Q: With Jacob wining the Nextgen Competition in USA 2016 as a franchisor under 35, are FCF going Global?

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