Get a Fire Safety Advisor for Your Brisbane Resort

Brisbane resorts should have the best practice measures to ensure the safety of their Guest during an emergency. Resort owners and managers alike are responsible for fire protection and safety of the people in their premises. This responsibility comes in concurrence with the implementation of safety rules and guidelines that must be strictly adhered. A Fire Safety Advisor could assist in this.

While Resort owners, managers, and staff hold a great responsibility for ensuring building fire safety compliance and that legislative requirements are met, the Fire Safety Advisor concept has been introduced within the Queensland’s Building Fire Safety Regulations. Back in 2008, the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations came into effect, which included the requirement for every ‘high-occupancy’ building and tenancies in Queensland to designate a Fire Safety Advisor either a staff or have an external Fire Safety Consultant representing them as their Fire Safety Advisor.

What is a Fire Safety Advisor?


Resort Fire Safety Advisor
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A Fire Safety Advisor is the person who is trained to quickly evacuate a building during a fire or any emergency. The person you appoint as Fire Safety Advisor must have a Building Fire Safety Qualification which is current (issued within the last 3 years). Fire Safety Advisor must be familiar with the evacuation procedures in a building, and able to give evacuation instructions to all wardens in the building during an emergency.

As the job title implies, the Fire Safety Advisor’s main role is to render qualified advice to all managers and business owners on all applicable aspects of emergency procedures, from preparation of fire evacuation and emergency plan, fire audit, fire inspection and even post-emergency analysis. Due to the sheer gravity of the job of the Fire Safety Advisor, there are strict competency requirements that the Fire Safety Advisor is expected to meet:

  • PUAWER001B – Identify, prevent and report potential workplace emergency situations
  • PUAWER002B – Ensure workplace emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented
  • PUAWER003B – Manage and monitor workplace emergency procedures, equipment, and other resources
  • PUAWER004B – Respond to Workplace Emergencies (Fire evacuation)
  • PUAWER005B – Operate as part of an emergency control organisation Warning signals and warnings, and emergency reports, are identified and heeded.
  • PUAWER006B – Lead an emergency control organisation. Before the Fire Safety Advisor can meet this competency requirement, he must first pass the pre-requisite of PUAWER005B, which is to Operate as part of an emergency control organisation.
  • PUAWER007B – Manage an emergency control organisation For managing an emergency control organisation, the FSA must be able to initiate a system of emergency response planning.
  • PUAWER008B – Confine small workplace emergencies “Small workplace emergencies” is defined as those that can easily be managed internally, such as small fires extinguishable with a fire extinguisher, or a minor accident with no significant damage or injury.


Fire Safety Advisor will be responsible for the following:


  • Familiarity with ALL aspects of Fire Safety for the site
  • Provide fire safety advice to building owners, managers, and tenants
  • Manage the fire safety record keeping or the building:
    • Fire safety installations
    • Emergency Control Organisations
    • Coordinate with Queensland (QFRS) during building inspections
    • Attend maintenance and training initiatives
  • Attend training and skills retention activities:
    • Coordinate evacuation exercises
    • Provide first response evacuation training
    • Provide ECO training
  • Develop and maintain emergency procedures and emergency evacuation signage
  • Advise with the EPC
  • Take on risk assessment and control measures
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If you want your resort to achieve ultimate fire protection you can have your own staff trained up to act as your Fire Safety Advisor, An accredited Fire Safety Advisor program takes between two to three days to finish, based on the organisation delivering the instruction. The level of depth of emergency planning and related subjects are something that can’t be learned at one time. To combat this issue businesses these days engage an external Fire Safety Consultant to act as their Fire Safety Advisor to ensure the relevant legislation is met and maintained.