Fire Safety Equipment Required on a Construction Site

Fire Safety Equipment on construction site

There is a number of work activities on a construction site which has the possibility to set off fires. That is why it is necessary to have the appropriate fire safety measures and fire safety equipment to be available on the site to prevent the risk of injury and even death from a construction site fire.

The initial step in making sure that workers on a construction site are safe and ready for fires is to recognize and assess the fire hazards that could create a fire. If these fire hazards can’t be eliminated, they should be managed to avoid a fire in accordance with building fire safety act.

Even if there are appropriate control measures in place, the appropriate fire safety measures and

fire safety equipment should still be provided as the first line of defence. Based on legislation, people in charge of the worksite should make sure that there are portable fire extinguishers provided and installed at all workplaces.

Among the issues that a few commercial builders frequently face is, which fire safety equipment to choose and where exactly it must be placed on the construction site that it would be in proximity of the hazard. The kind of fire extinguishers selected will rely on the hazards identified.

Deciding on the best fire safety equipment for the job doesn’t have to be a complicated task even with the various options available. Below are great tips on selecting the proper fire safety equipment you would need on a construction site:

1. Water Fire Extinguisher

If a fire hazard has been identified which has the risk of wood, paper, textile or perhaps rubbish fire breaking out, then a water extinguisher is actually the path to take.

2. Powder fire extinguishers

Fire Safety Equipment on construction site
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This particular type of extinguisher can be purchased in an assortment of powders to cover a broad range of risks. Dry chemical powder is very powerful when used to extinguish flammable liquid and energized electric equipment

3. Foam Fire Extinguishers

Fire Safety Equipment on construction site
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A foam fire extinguisher is actually designed to be utilized on flammable liquids like petrol, solvents, and paint. These are not ideal for use on electric fires.

4. Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

This particular extinguisher is actually ideal for when fires occur involving live electric devices like switchboards, electronic equipment, and electric motors. These extinguishers can additionally be worn on smaller flammable liquid fires induced by petrol, solvents or paint commonly found on a construction site.

The most apparent defense on a construction site, besides planning, prevention, and preparation, is actually a fire extinguisher. There are many types of extinguishers which are used to put out various kinds of fires. Make sure you’re employees are acquainted with them.

Fire Safety is a problem on construction sites as a result of the storage of building materials, collection of dust, and use of equipment that can possibly generate sparks. Because of this, it is crucial that you be more vigilant about fire safety. It is also a legal responsibility to be compliant with Fire Safety Standards so ensure that you have the proper fire safety equipment on your construction site. More reference here