Pub Fire Safety – Lockyer Valley Pub Shut Down for non Compliance

Pub Fire Safety is a serious concern as pubs are often crowded, noisy and poorly lit. When something unexpected like a fire happens in these locations it often ends in tragedy because there has not been enough training for staff or enough understanding about how to reduce risk. Luckily, buildings have been spared and lives saved in these incidents despite the business lacking basic sprinkler systems or having an emergency evacuation plan in place. The rescue occurred when quick-thinking local residents were able to correctly utilize nearby fire extinguishers to stop the fire in its tracks.

Lockyer Valley Pub Shut Down for Non Compliance

Recently a pub in the Lockyer valley was shut down because of its non compliance with a number of fire safety measures. The pub did not have any emergency systems in place, no smoke detectors, exit signs, evacuation routes or fire protection equipment. This put patrons and staff of the establishment in massive danger if a fire was to break out.

The result of this non compliance was the shut down of the pub. The lack of fire safety equipment, as well as a number of contributing factors, meant the building was a massive fire safety risk. These contributing factors included illegal and exposed electrical wiring and the age of the pub. Combined with no safety equipment meant a massive fire safety risk.

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Relevant Documents for Pub Fire Safety in Queensland

To protect the public from these scenarios the government has issued an updated version of the Australian Standard 1851 law regarding fire safety standards. It requires that all building owners and the managers of the businesses inside each building use specific standards for establishing a fire safety system. This includes installing appropriate fire warning and suppression systems and having on hand, and in plain view, emergency equipment like fire extinguishers.

Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher Test
Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher Test

Pub Compliance also means undergoing regular inspections and testing of their system to ensure everything meets with the legal safety standards. Upgrading as needed and making changes within a pre-determined amount of time is expected when a business does not meet the current standards.

An FCF Fire Safety Technician Can Help You be 100% Compliant

Fire safety for pubs does not have to be a confusing issue that affects the business operation in any way. When establishing a business of this type the owner should consult with a fire safety technician to determine what they need. A simple walk-through of the premises will make it possible for the technician to determine what the location needs to change or add to make them compliant. Any existing businesses can also request the same type of inspection to determine if their location is able to meet the current standards.

The technician can return once the system is in place to prove it is functional and able to meet standards. Compliance for Pubs is as easy as an annual review and having a test performed in all systems. Following the standards will ensure the clientele is always as safe as possible and may help to reduce insurance costs.

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