Fire Doors Melbourne – No Ordinary Doors

Fire Doors/ Smoke Doors are not just any doors. Fire doors provide an important part of buildings fire protection.

Fire doors prevent flames and smoke from spreading to other areas in a building and allows the safe exit of the building’s occupants in the case of a fire.

Fire doors come in many sizes and can vary in types. They can be made of various finishes such as paint grade ply, Tasmanian Oak, Tempered Hardboard, MDF and may include glass panels and metal parts.

The way to tell a fire door is to look for the manufacturer’s tags attached to the door and frame of the fire rated door.

Most fire doors are kept closed at all times, however, some doors are held open with magnetic devices and will shut automatically upon the activation of a smoke detector, fire alarm system or a sprinkler system in the event of fire

Fire Doors should not be blocked or held open, interfering with it closing mechanism.

The qualified technicians at FCF Fire and Electrical can assist you and your business with the maintenance of the Fire doors as per your State and Buildings specifications.

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Written by Erica Podporin- FCF Fire & Electrical Melbourne East


Some Further Information About Fire Doors Melbourne


In Melbourne, fire doors fall under the category of passive fire protection systems and are an integral component of many buildings. These doors are used as fire barriers and feature a fire rating or fire resistance level. In addition, many are required by law to be self-latching and closing.

They help to contain smoke, fire, and hot gases in certain areas of a building and provide occupants of the building time to exit safely without the fire spreading. Individuals responsible for selecting and maintaining these doors often have questions as to their operation.

Fire Doors vs. Regular Doors – Whats the Difference?


Many individuals assume fire doors are completely noncombustible. This is not the case, as they are only designed to slow the spread of a fire. Each door undergoes testing to ensure they are properly labeled, and the doors must have fitted door closers.

Furthermore, they feature stronger hinges and are heavier than conventional doors, and each door must be inspected by a qualified fire protection company. This ensures the door hasn’t been tampered with during the installation process. In addition, fire doors must meet certain requirements in terms of clearances, lock sets, closers, and frames.

Maintenance of Fire Doors – What Melbourne Business Owners Should Know


An appropriately qualified individual must maintain fire safety doors at regular intervals. This maintenance is designed to ensure the doors continue to meet the requirements they did at the time of installation and comply with government fire door regulations.

In the event a building occupier fails to maintain the doors according to this schedule, he or she may be subject to penalties.

Closed or Open?


The majority of fire doors remain closed at all times. In some cases, the doors may remain open with the aid of a magnetic device, and doors of this type automatically shut when a smoke detector, sprinkler system, or fire alarm system is activated in the building. Individuals should never use any obstacle, such as a door chock, to hold the doors open or closed as they won’t work properly in the event of a fire.

Fire Safety Doors work to protect building occupants and first responders. Ensure the doors in your building work as designed at all times. Doing so doesn’t take a great deal of time, yet this is a task that should never be delayed. Call FCF Fire Protection Melbourne East for a fire safety door inspection today.