Retail business fire system When Opening a Business

As a store owner, you know it’s important to ensure that your retail business is safe and secure for both customers and employees. Things like exposed wire from lighting or computers, improper chemical storage in a back room or combustible materials left near a heat source are huge fire risks that could harm both customers and employees. There are a lot of fire hazards and risks in a typical retail store. Having a retail business fire system in place can reduce this risk.

While these risks exist, building fire compliance and properly installed fire protection systems can prevent great damage or loss of life from a fire. Your retail business fire system should include:

Fire Alarms

fire alarm at a retail store
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Retail stores are significantly bigger compared to a residence, therefore alarms are important for alerting your customers of the emergency. Keep the system well maintained so you know you can rely on it in getting customers and employees to safety in case a fire ignites.

Fire Extinguishers


retail business fire system

Using a portable fire extinguisher during the very first 2 minutes of a fire is the most economical defense against property damage from a fire. Distribute fire extinguishers around your store, making sure to place one near flammable items. ABE fire extinguishers are probably the most versatile because they put out fires caused by flammable liquids, electronic equipment, and burning paper or plastic.

Fire Sprinklers

retail business fire system

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Fire sprinklers are commonly regarded as the most effective method for preventing the spread of fire in its early stages, typically before they cause serious injury to people and massive damage to property. This is the first defense against a retail store fire. The fire sprinkler heads disperse water on the fire and keep them from spreading until the fire department arrives and takes complete command of the circumstances. Ideally, the fire sprinklers need to be in good working order, hence regular maintenance is a necessity. Check this site to know more about retail business fire system.

Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting

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Emergency exit signs and emergency lighting fixtures are both required by law to ensure the safety of all building occupants. During emergency situations, exit signs and emergency lighting guide building occupants to the nearest outdoor exit. They are vital components of any business’s evacuation plan.

In order to ensure you’re prepared for any fires that may arise, always keep fire systems ready and make sure all employees are trained on how to use them. Schedule routine fire systems inspections to verify that they function properly to protect you against loss or damage to your business and keep your retail business fire system up to date.