The Fire Compliance Certificate for Your Business

Fire safety is not something to overlook. Every business owner needs to be aware of the fire risks for their building and should make sure the building is properly equipped with fire safety products in case a fire does occur. The laws that govern fire safety for businesses have requirements based on the type and size of the business and require that the fire safety installations inside the building comply with the QDC MP 6.1. One way to show the business is compliant with all fire safety regulations is to obtain a Business Fire Compliance Certificate. Below is information every business owner should know about receiving a compliance certificate.

Requirements to Receive a Compliance Certificate

The annual Fire Compliance Certificate QLD is an annual declaration of maintenance. Every fire safety installation will need to be listed along with the appropriate maintenance standard and compliance. The contractor who completed the maintenance also must be listed. The contractor must sign off on the relevant fire safety installation each year. This certificate will provide the proof that the maintenance has been completed and that everything is working properly to protect the building in case of a fire.

Common FAQs for Compliance Certificates

  • What buildings have maintenance requirements? Both old and new buildings have maintenance requirements, but there may be different requirements depending on the age of the building. The annual certificates apply to all buildings except for class 1a and 10.
  • What fire safety installations are included? Included fire safety installations include structural features, such as fire control centers, fire protection systems like sprinklers and alarm systems, fire fighting equipment such as fire hydrants, occupant safety features such as intercom systems, and other features.
  • How often is verification of maintenance required? Maintenance must be verified with an annual certificate of maintenance each year. They are to be given to the business owner by the contractor and the compliance certificate must them be forwarded to the Commissioner of the Fire Service. This must be done once a year.
  • Who can do the verification? The verification must be done by someone who is considered an appropriately qualified person. This is a person who holds a current Certificate of Accreditation or has other appropriate qualifications and experience.
  • Are there penalties for non-compliance? A building that does not comply with the relevant regulations can be penalized with notices and fines. There are appeals provisions in place for fines and notices.
  • Who is responsible for making sure the fire safety installations are maintained? The business or building owner is going to be the person responsible for making sure the business complies with all fire safety regulations. This includes the maintenance and the annual compliance certifications.

Why Work With a Fire Safety Company?

A business may opt to work with a Fire Safety Compliance company to complete their compliance certificate. The company will examine all fire safety installations, perform any necessary maintenance, and complete the compliance certificate to show everything has been completed and the fire safety installations are operating correctly. The contractor employed by the company is considered an appropriately qualified person, so these inspections do meet the requirements. These and other Fire Safety Services can allow a business to ensure they are compliant with all fire safety regulations and prepared in case of a fire.

If you’re worried about the compliance of your business or you would like to work with a specialist to ensure you have a compliance certificate completed each year, make sure you work with a fire safety company. Sunshine Coast Fire Compliance can help you make sure everything is operating properly and provide you with a compliance certificate so you can show you are up to date on all maintenance.

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