Importance of Hotel Fire Safety Plan

Hotel is just like the second home to many people. It should offer security and protection to the customer and their property. However, some accidents like fire are unavoidable sometimes and they often occur unexpectedly.

It is crucial for the hotel management to organize ordered and timely escape plan like fire evacuation routes posted in each room, and conduct emergency response and fire prevention training for such cases. By having fire safety systems in place, customers will feel more secure. This is also one way to gain trust from them.

Just like any other business organization, hotel owners are also required to go along with the exact same fire safety regulations. These establishments need to issue a fire safety policy for their workers and keep compliance. The initial step in obtaining the goal is usually to determine all products which are needed and install them. Then, a fire safety plan should be in placed and acquire sufficient training for all workers. Services are offered by local providers to assist the owners to deal with their hotel fire safety demands.

Components of a Fire Safety Plan


Fire Extinguishers and Placement


According to Australian regulations, fire extinguishers must be placed inside all motel/hotel rooms. The extinguishers must be appropriate for paper-related fires. They must possess tags that identify all steps for using the extinguishers. They must be placed in areas where they are visible to occupants at all times.

Additionally, fire extinguishers must be present in all kitchen areas, corridors, and any areas in or nearby occupied spaces. The hotel owner must acquire the appropriate fire extinguisher types appropriate for these areas. They must be based on the type of fire that is most probable for these areas. For example, if the hotel has an on-site kitchen for breakfast preparation, they need an extinguisher that puts out grease or oil-based fires. All extinguishers must be tested on a monthly basis according to Fire Safety for hotel’s regulations.

Designated Escape Routes


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The hotel owner is required to post maps for all designated fire escape routes. These maps must appear in all guest rooms, corridors, and exit or entrance ways. The hotel staff must know these routes to aid occupants in the event of a fire.

Sprinkler Systems and Alarm Requirements

The owner must install lighted fire exit signs throughout the hotel. They must be positioned in all corridors to guide guests to safety. Additionally, the hotel must have emergency doors near these signs to aid guests when escaping a fire.

Employee Fire Safety Training

All employees must attend fire safety training. The training course informs them of all fire safety regulations and compliance requirements. It presents them with the motel’s fire safety policy and plans. They learn about fire safety devices and escape plans that they will need in the event of a fire.

In Australia, all hotel owners have to follow all fire safety laws to stay compliant. The laws are actually enforced to reduce fire-related deaths in these establishments.

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