Why your hotel needs a Hotel Fire Safety Adviser

In 2008 the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations came into effect, which included the requirement in certain situations, for buildings/business to appoint a Hotel Fire Safety Adviser either a staff or have an external Fire Safety Consultant representing them as their Fire Safety Adviser.

As a hotel owner, you are legally responsible for the safety of guests and all people in the building in the event of a fire or other emergency. According to legislation, it’s your duty to appoint and train a hotel Fire Safety Adviser or a fire officer in charge as part of your building fire safety management.

What is a hotel Fire Safety Adviser?

  • A Fire Safety Adviser is the person who is trained to quickly evacuate a building during a fire or any emergency.
  • The person you appoint as Fire Safety Adviser MUST have a Building Fire Safety Qualification which is current (issued within the last 3 years).
  • Your Fire Safety Adviser must be familiar with the evacuation procedures for your building, and able to give evacuation instructions to all wardens in the building during an emergency.

As the job title implies, the Fire Safety Adviser’s main role is to render qualified advice on all applicable aspects of emergency procedures, from preparation to actual response, installation of fire safety features of a hotel and even to post-emergency analysis.

Main Responsibilities of the Hotel Fire Safety Adviser


Hotel Fire Safety Adviser will be responsible for the following:


  • Familiarity with ALL aspects of Fire Safety for the site
  • Provide fire safety advice to building owners, managers, and tenants
  • Manage the fire safety record keeping or the building:
    • Fire safety installations
    • Emergency Control Organisations (ECO – Warden Teams)
    • Coordinate with Queensland (QFRS) during building inspections
    • Attend maintenance and training initiatives
  • Attend training and skills retention activities:
    • Coordinate evacuation exercises
    • Provide first response evacuation training
    • Provide ECO training
  • Develop and maintain emergency procedures and emergency evacuation signage
  • Advise with the EPC
  • Take on risk assessment and control measures

Things to Consider

If you want to have your own staff trained up to act as your Hotel Fire Safety Adviser, An accredited Fire Safety Adviser program takes between two to three days to finish, based on the organisation delivering the instruction. The level of depth of emergency planning and related subjects are something you can’t learn at one time.

In order to fight the issue, we suggest that hotel owners engage in skilled and experienced professional services companies, like FCF Sunshine Coast , to help you plan and implement emergency compliance initiatives, and always make sure you ask for the qualifications, experience, and licences of your planning providers.