Kitchen Fire Safety in Restaurants

Kitchen fire safety is important for any restaurant owner or manager. In addition to fire safety, restaurant staff must be aware of potential kitchen hazards which are typical in restaurants that are active. A customer wants to eat at a restaurant where the food is prepared in a safe manner. Less frequently restaurant customers are worried about the risk of a kitchen fire.

For owners and staff, however, a kitchen fire might have devastating outcomes in terms of injury and the capability of the business to provide uninterrupted service to customers. In order to ensure Kitchen fire safety, it’s vital that restaurants take the best steps to make sure that the kitchen is fire-free and safe. To do that they must learn how to prevent fires from starting in the first place.

Keeping your restaurant kitchen safe from fires requires regular inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of kitchen appliances and surfaces. We’ve created a very helpful restaurant kitchen fire prevention checklist that will help you reduce the risk of fire and be ready just in case one does occur.

1. Install kitchen appliances at a sufficient distance from other surfaces.

Kitchen appliances that are used too close to adjacent surfaces are at risk for overheating and creating a fire. Do not put combustibles in close proximity to hot surfaces, Check your kitchen inspection requirements for a better understanding of how far each kind of appliance should sit from walls, cabinets, and other appliances. Inspect whether walls, neighboring appliances like ovens and fryers have to be treated with certain fireproofing materials.

2. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy


A fire extinguisher can usually be your best and first defense against a restaurant fire. Always keep several kitchen fire extinguisher such as Class F extinguishers in case your automatic fire suppression system fails. Class ABE extinguishers belong in storage and dining areas. Ensure that restaurant staff understands the uses and also the differences between each type of extinguisher. Read this blog for fire safety in different restaurants.

3. Drain all grease containers at least once a day

Even in a moderate-volume kitchen, grease can build up quickly. Deep fryer oil must be changed once a day for fire safety purposes. Grease pans for stoves along with other appliances must additionally be cleaned every day.

4. Inspect and clean solid fuel cooking appliances on a monthly basis



Cooking with solid fuel like wood and charcoal can significantly increase the risk of a kitchen fire due to the thick, flammable residue these fuels deposit in the exhaust system. A monthly inspection and regular cleaning guarantee the heavy smoke and grease from wood or charcoal cooking do not build up to dangerous levels.

5. Do not disregard repairs

Don’t put off small repairs which can become big fire hazards. The moment someone notices frayed wiring, a broken switch plate or perhaps sparking outlet, call in a professional technician to deal with the issue. More than 50% of restaurant fires are caused by faulty cooking equipment. Ranges and deep fryers are most usually responsible, for that reason constantly take proper care of repairs immediately no matter how downtime may impact service.

6. Train all kitchen staff on fire safety as well as how to operate equipment properly

Every staff that operates kitchen equipment should be trained in how to use each appliance properly. Apart from knowing the fire safety details of each appliance, staff must be taught about common fire hazards, how regular cleaning and maintenance decreases these risks, and what to do in the event of a kitchen fire.

When your staff is well-trained in fire safety, their ability to easily react to an emergency can save lives. All staff should know how to activate fire alarms, handle kitchen fire extinguisher and identify several safe exit routes. Fire safety training should be a requirement for all restaurant staff.

Most restaurant owners and managers practice responsible fire safety in there restaurants, But if ever you need assistance with your kitchen fire safety FCF Fire and Electrical South Queensland can ensure your business is 100% fire safety compliant. We can supply and maintain fire safety equipment & servicing, fire extinguishers, hydrant testing, emergency callouts, emergency lighting, test and tag, smoke alarms, data cabling and More. Let us help you with all your fire protection services today.