Fire Safety Tips for Rockhampton

A fire at a small business can be devastating. In addition to ensuring the company has sufficient fire insurance, there are several other steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of a fire and if one does occur, to prevent it from destroying the entire facility. Follow these fire safety tips to keep your business safe.

  • Ensure the premises is well-protected by installing smoke alarms as well as fire extinguishers and testing them regularly. Depending on the type of business, a sprinkler system and a monitored alarm service to protect the premises when it’s vacant.
  • Keep flammable items out of areas accessible to the public and conduct regular safety audits to ensure the containers are stored according to protocol. Use the appropriate signage around hazardous materials.
  • Inspect all equipment to ensure it is in good working condition. Be sure all wiring is intact before equipment is stored inside or directly outside the building.
  • Attempt to prevent vandalism by securing all windows and doors. Use security lighting and visible cameras to deter criminals from attempting to enter the premises to cause damage.
  • Have a written escape plan posted in all areas of the building where employees or visitors might be. Practice the plan periodically with employees.
  • Train all managers so they will know exactly how to handle an emergency, getting everyone out of the building and contacting the appropriate authorities. Assign backup safety team members to assist with these tasks if the manager is not present. Every employee should know what to do in case of a fire.
  • Be sure all exits are clearly marked and handicapped-accessible so everyone in the building can get out quickly if the premises needs to be evacuated.
  • Store vital proprietary information and customer files off-site in case the part of the building where that information is stored is affected by a fire.
  • Conduct periodic safety audits to look for areas that could be better protected from the risk of fire damage.
  • Pay attention to changes in legislation regarding standards for Fire Safety in Rockhampton.

This Fire safety Checklist will protect your business from preventable fires and help ensure any unexpected fire is contained quickly so it causes the least amount of damage to business operations. Here at FCF Fire and Electrical Rockhampton, we can help your business stay fire safe. Many of the items on this checklist we can directly assist you with. We can perform fire safety audits, electrical test and tagging and much more. We can supply and install a range of Fire Protective Equipment and also ensure that his Equipment is maintained.

Of course, these ten tips are a guide only and may not apply to your specific situation. For professional advice call FCF Fire and Electrical Rockhampton today. We know what the legal requirements are for businesses in Rockhampton when it comes to Fire Safety. As a result we can ensure the very best Fire Protection for your business. Give us a call today to find out how we can assist your Business when it comes to fire safety.