Fire Safety Services for Hotels & Motels

Owning and managing any kind of business has its share of headaches, especially hospitality businesses. Not only is there a need to satisfy customers that may be difficult to please, there is a bevvy of legal requirements as well. Hotel owners are required to meet a rigid set of guidelines in order to legally operate their business. These guidelines pertain not only to cleanliness standards and food safety if applicable but also fire safety. To operate in accordance with the law hotel owners need to know a few things and take certain steps to protect their visitors and themselves from legal recourse.


Motel Fire Compliance is a complex and often frustrating matter which all property owners are required to address. Any building besides a home or outbuildings are required to meet certain Hotel Fire Safety standards which include a rather large list of equipment. The structure itself needs to be constructed of materials that resist fire. Of course, there is only so much a construction agent can do to make a building resist fire so there is still considerable risk during a fire emergency. Adequate escape routes are required to be built into the structure. This may include fire doors, escape ladders, or alternate exits. There are a few other items that need to be included in each apartment or occupied room.

These are only a few of the items that may be required depending on the structure, number of occupants, and the overall design of the building. In addition to the equipment, all employees must be trained in fire safety and understand the appointed evacuation strategy. Each and every employee should be able to locate all the equipment and first aid tools in the entire building. More importantly, all employees should know how to react in an emergency and be prepared to help anyone who cannot make their escape. This training could save lives or at the very least make a big difference in the evacuation process should an emergency arise.

emergency evacuation in hotel stairwell

Hotel Fire Compliance isn’t all that different from any other business, it just involves more people in most cases. In order to keep two hundred rooms safe in case of a fire doesn’t have to be a nightmare, there are ways to make compliance a breeze. Working with a Hotel Fire Service is a great way to start. Scheduling an inspection is easy and could be very informative for some business owners. Best of all, by working with a professional service compliance is all but guaranteed.

Experienced service providers are happy to guarantee their work and will often back up that guarantee. Most inspections take an afternoon to complete and an estimate for any necessary services should arrive shortly thereafter. Hotel and motel owners don’t have to add to an already full plate, let the professionals do the work and enjoy confident and reliable fire safety until it’s time for the next annual inspection. Contact Us today for a free quote on the supply, installation and maintenance of Canberra Fire Equipment