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Your Guide To Essential Real Estate Fire Safety Equipment

Posted on 9 May 2019
Your Guide To Essential Real Estate Fire Safety Equipment

Running a real estate agency is a huge responsibility, with a booming business and a wide list of staff to guide through the process. A developing business, however, does not have complete assurance for a bright future ahead if there are literally bright flames burning down your assets. What is sometimes neglected but highly significant is the Real Estate Fire Safety Equipment required in the workplace.
If you seem to have limited fire protection system in your office, take some time to review these basic Real Estate Fire Safety Equipment and tell your trusted fire technicians to help install them for you.

Obligations For Business

A business owner is obliged to implement health and safety practices in all aspects of the business. Understanding the Workplace Health and Safety legislation will help prevent damages and high charges to your business. The responsibilities will cover for the health and safety of employees, clients, contractors, visitors and anyone in the business premises. Obligations are specifically made to:
Provide a safe environment for the people
Assess risks and implement safety measures to prevent them from affecting the health of the people
Maintain fire safety equipment under the standards of Australia
Provide a safe system for work
Provide insurance for the workers
Ensure safety in using and handling goods and services
These obligations may vary according to your circumstances, so you might want to consult legal advice from professional fire safety technicians.
Exit Lighting
Photo Credit: Adrian Pujayana
First of the basic Real Estate Fire Safety Equipment fixtures is the proper installation of emergency lighting. As required by the Building Control Authority, a real estate agency should implement the standard lighting for exit signs, pathway lights, and whatnot.
Exit Signage
Exit signs work correspondingly with emergency lighting by pointing to the right exit routes. These are essential fire safety materials required by Australian Building Codes and should not be neglected. If you are wondering about the specifications for this regulation, a standard sign would include both the running man and the arrow pointing to the emergency exit direction. Make sure you are able to install these at their correct and most visible positions.
Fire Extinguishers
This is used as a first attack on the early stages of fire. So, essentially, it is one of the priorities for your real estate agency in terms of preventing the fire from rising. A rule of thumb for using these guidelines is in reference to the acronym P.A.S.S.

Other than these fire extinguisher implementation guidelines, a regular portable extinguisher weighing 23 kg would suffice. Consult a trusted fire technician for the required number of extinguishers for your office.
Fire Blankets
For instances where fire is caught on clothing, fire blankets are the best choice. It functions as a thermal barrier by smothering the fire. This flexible sheet of material is suitable for small Class F fires, which are caused by fatty oils.
Fire Hydrants
With the anticipation of bigger and wilder flames, fire hydrants are important to keep an abundant water supply for fire brigades. These are better kept in good condition for access to high pressure water.
Smoke Alarms
Photo Credit: State Farm
This type of equipment works hand in hand with sprinklers. It functions by detecting smoke, fire, and heat, and transmitting the signal to the sprinkler system to immediately release water. It is best to install these in places prone to fire.
Sprinkler Systems
Primarily for suppressing fire, this Real Estate Fire Safety Equipment  in building is common in industry and commercial establishments such as real estate agency offices. A sprinkler system activates through a smoke detector when it detects a significant increase in temperature. It has a temperature gauge that monitors the average temperatures and works with the fire detector to identify smoke and fire. Once the sprinklers are activated, water is immediately pumped through the pipes and released through the sprinkler head.
There are many ways to prevent and control fire in your real estate agency. Start by preparing an emergency plan complete with the installation of these necessary Real Estate Fire Safety Equipment .

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