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Why Medical Centres Should Hire A Fire Inspector

Posted on 25 April 2019


It is hard to begin counting the responsibilities of medical centres, from handling health issues down to providing security of the building occupants. But behind all that is a fire inspector handling safety issues and ensuring nothing goes out of hand in the event of a fire. Apparently, part of the building manager's responsibilities is to have a regular inspection for maximum prevention from fire hazards in medical centres. After all, this would not only ensure the safety of the property and staff but peace of mind too.

Fire inspectors are tasked to assess healthcare facilities for possible danger and replacements. It is advisable for building owners to have a look at their duties.

Fire Inspector

What Are The Responsibilities Of Fire Inspectors?

Fire inspectors are licensed professionals who are in charge of checking the efficiency of your fire equipment and systems. They make sure every operating facility complies with the requirements set by the government. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • You have a complete set of fire safety equipment
  • You have an approved fire safety evacuation plan
  • Fire alarms and extinguishers work just fine
  • Exit signs are installed properly
  • Exit routes are accessible and offer smooth evacuation to all staff and patients
  • Smoke detectors and panels work perfectly

A report will be provided for any necessary corrections to be made.
How Can Your Medical Facility Benefit From Fire Inspectors?
Identifying the benefits of securing a good fire safety system and practising fire prevention in healthcare centres will surely give a better view of this obligation.

  • A safer building As mentioned above, nothing feels better than having a safe working environment. Fire inspectors will do a medical centre fire safety checklist to ensure there are no risk factors.
  • It is healthy for your business Up to 80% of small businesses with a history of large fires in the property never reopen. Not only is it a loss to the healthcare centre, but a loss of many jobs too. On the other hand, of the businesses that reopened after a fire, there has been a record of lesser customers. If you have just started out, you might want to invest a little more on fire safety.
  • Possible reduction in insurance premiums A building that is inspected annually means having a well-maintained fire safety system. The risk assessment will determine the level of risk there is in your building, influencing the cost of your premiums. Many insurance companies give premium reductions for lower risk buildings.

The Law
Ignorance of the law excuses no one, yet some building owners might forget or even try to avoid fire inspections, unaware of its advantages. One thing's for sure, the law concerns nothing but the better good of its citizens. Therefore, compliance with it is a benefit to the business.
Apart from the fact that fire inspectors seek to protect establishments in the area, it is their duty to perform tests as mandated by the law. According to The Development Regulations 2008: Regulations 76, essential safety provisions should be installed, inspected, tested and maintained under the Building Code or former regulations under the Building Act 1971. As stated, it is the owner's responsibility to follow suit. Therefore, every medical centre must undergo annual testing by a licensed, certified fire inspector. Failure to comply with the state code will be charged with a penalty.

As a building operator/manager, understanding the advantages of fire safety in medical centres and the responsibilities of fire inspectors serve as a good sign of highly efficient business operation. If you haven't had an assessment on your building, make sure to visit us.

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