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What Are Fire Control Panels

Posted on 10 May 2019
What Are Fire Control Panels

Commercial business owners need safety devices to prevent worker injuries. Among the events that are known to produce multiple injuries and potential fatalities are fires. The most common fires in these buildings relate to electrical systems and wiring. For this reason, owners must install devices that help gain better control over these events. A Fire Control Panel could be the right answer to this anomaly. However, the first question most business owners have is, "what is a fire control panel?"

What Is A Fire Control Panel?

A fire control panel is a component that offers control through a fire alarm or notification system. Throughout the building, sensors are installed. These sensors redirect information to this control panel. They include environmental changes that could detect the presence of a fire. The panel receives notifications for potential operational issues with equipment that could cause a fire.

The panel also alerts the employees inside the building if a potential fire was detected or predicted. This includes information about the exact location of this event. In Australia, there are a number of Laws and Regulations which govern the use of Fire Control Panels. It is important to be familiar with the guidelines or laws that pertain to the state your business is based in.

What Are Coded Panels?

Coded panels were the original design for fire alarm control panels. These systems used a code to alert the employees of a fire. Essentially, the panel would deliver a sound based on the code setup. They use horns or bells to distribute the code throughout the entire building. The code is reflected by the total number of bell rings or times in which the horn blows. Each of these systems requires an employee to pull a reset switch to disengage the panel.

While these systems have been replaced with more updated opportunities, older buildings may use these systems today. The most common workplaces that these systems are present include public schools, older universities, and hospitals that were built prior to 1996.

What Are Conventional Panels?

The conventional panels operate on more than one circuit. They have sensors that connect to the panel and are wired by an electrician in a parallel style. When the sensor readings exceed specific thresholds, the circuit resistance of the wiring is reduced.

The limitations of the systems depend on the total number of circuits that are used in it. The information density received by the panel cannot exceed the number of circuits in which it is connected. However, it allows for zone-based boundaries identifies by circuits. This is beneficial for commercial buildings that have multiple stories.

What Are Addressable Panels?

An Addressable Fire Control Panel gives an exact address for the location of a fire. The address reflects a specific device located inside the building. This gives the owner time to shut down the device and prevent further property damage and injury if possible. It also detects the conditions that could lead to a fire.

The control panel provides information about the circumstances. This lets the owner or manager know if a fire has occurred or if conditions are just favourable for this event. The information provided by these panels is considered more reliable than other panel options.

These features help the owner or manager mitigate risks to their workers quicker. They could pinpoint the exact location of the fire and evacuate these areas. This reduces the risk of serious injuries and fatalities. With these features, the employees could use the information to determine what fire and safety training protocol to follow based on the circumstances identified.

Get Help With Your Fire Control Panel Today

Commercial business owners gain invaluable advantages by choosing the right fire alarm control panel. These devices operate differently but address a variety of circumstances. They notify the employees of an impending or existing fire. This helps them to prevent potential injuries or property damage. If you want to know more about Fire Alarm Panels, including the supply, installation, and testing of these Panels, Check FCF Fire and Electrical today. Wherever you are in Australia, we can help you.

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