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Ways to Keep Your Workplace Fire Safe

Posted on 16 July 2019


Business owners and employers have a lot of duties and responsibilities on their hands. Providing a safe and secure workplace for their employees is a fundamental responsibility.

Workplace fire Safe

Workplace fires and explosions kills over a hundred and injures thousands of workers each year. Furthermore, property damage costs businesses more than 2 billion dollars. Workplace fire safety is a pressing concern that should not be taken lightly.

To prevent workplace fires and explosion, necessary steps should be considered such as establishing a comprehensive fire safety management plan.

Here are a few ways to keep your workplace fire safe.

  1. Keep electrical control panels accessible at all times. The control panels are used to shut down power in an emergency. Therefore, these should be free from obstruction and can be easily accessed. Furthermore, fire protection equipment such as fire sprinklers and fire extinguishers should also be cleared from blockage.

  1. A good housekeeping is essential in keeping the workplace safe. The clutter could fuel fire and also obstruct access to exits and emergency equipment.

  1. Proper waste disposal should be practiced at all times. Waste piles could add to the fire hazards in the workplace.

  1. Machines and equipment in the workplace could overheat and cause friction sparks. To avoid explosions, these equipment should be regularly maintained regardless if there are any signs of damage or not.

  1. Faulty wiring and malfunctioning appliances and equipment is one of the leading causes of workplace fires. To prevent fire breakouts due to faulty electricity, contact a qualified electrician to inspect or repair the building's electrical system. Do not attempt to fix electrical problems on your own unless you are a certified electrician.

  1. When using or storing chemicals, always check the label. Ensure that the employees handling chemicals are provided with proper protective equipment and training for handling hazardous substances.

  1. To prevent ignition in a highly explosive atmosphere, follow all recommended and required safety precautions. This includes using proper tools and equipment in the area.

  1. Building security must  be seriously undertaken. To prevent arson, always lock up and report suspicious behavior and never leave combustible garbage near the building.

  1. Designate a smoking area for employees and clients. Make sure that there are signs that remind them to properly dispose the cigarettes.

  1. Fire extinguishers should be fully charged at all times. The effectivity of the fire extinguisher is affected by its pressure. Thus, even if a small amount has been used, fire extinguishers should be replaced or recharged.

  1. Always keep emergency phone numbers posted where it can be easily accessed or near the phone station.

  1. Fire drills should be conducted at least twice a year. Appoint responsible employees to lead the group. Make sure that everyone knows the proper procedures and protocols for evacuating the building. The fire evacuation plan must also be reviewed regularly especially when there have been changes in the building; this is to ensure the effectivity of the plan.

For more information and assistance, visit FCF today. We will be glad to help you keep your workplace safe. We offer a wide range of fire protection services including supply, installation and maintenance.

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