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VR Fire Training: Taking Fire Safety Training to the Next Level

Posted by Jacob Foster on 8 June 2021
VR Fire Training: Taking Fire Safety Training to the Next Level

Fires are catastrophic. It does not only destroy properties but can also take away lives. It is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Workplaces are very vulnerable to fire incidents considering the number of people inside the premises. 

Fortunately, with proper fire safety training and set procedures in place, the overall safety of the entire establishment can be secured. Staff members will not only be able to help extinguish the fire and keep it from spreading, but also help to prevent fires from occurring in the first place with proper fire safety training. Aside from its numerous benefits and importance, the Australian Legislation and Standards require staff members and employees to complete a course on fire safety training.

FCF has taken fire safety training to a whole new level. With the constant change and advancement of technology, FCF has adopted the most innovative, interactive learning tool in the market. Virtual Reality or VR Fire Training is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to learn fire safety and response.

The virtual environment for fire training supports experts to deliver the most realistic experience while meeting the legislation of each Australian State. The realism of being in a virtual world is an effective instrument in the learning process of the training.


This interactive fire safety training is excellent for teaching muscle and photographic memory. There are different factors in how our brain absorbs new skills and techniques. While others retain what they learn from photographic memory, others rely on the physical aspect of holding and performing a task. These are both achieved with the virtual fire training simulator. The fire extinguisher skills training is performed with a VR exercise, where learners are given immediate corrective feedback.

The goal of all training is to convey information to the learners that will be easily picked up from memory on how to respond in a real-life situation. An untrained individual or employee will pose a great risk when fronted with an emergency. They tend to panic and cause more harm to others. Thus, fire safety training is a must.

The VR fire training provides clients with the capability to respond to situations and scenarios that are inherently unsafe and difficult to recreate in a conventional type of training. Recreating a scenario in a traditional type of training is impossible because of environmental, community, and regulatory constraints. Also, it incurs significant training costs in time, people, and assets.

The FCF Virtual Fire Extinguisher training is safe and affordable. It offers portable training solutions. The fire extinguisher used in attacking a fire is timed. Because it is a virtual reality, scenarios can be selected to suit the business risks. The process of actions required when a fire is identified is easily directed. Also, the correct flame size to indicate that it's best to exit the building is generated in the virtual environment. VR fire training is an enjoyable experience that activates brain muscle memory.

Working with your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Team, FCF assesses the highest risks and the desired training outcome. Working with businesses individually allows for a Virtual World that is tailored to your business and the risk associated with the likelihood of a fire.

Contact us now to book your virtual fire training.

Author:Jacob Foster

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